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Blush Excerpt

Posted October 14, 2014 by Anne Mercier in Anne Mercier, Blush, Rockstar Series (ages 17+) / 5 Comments

Blush Excerpt…. I shared this over at the author chat I had earlier. It’s short but… I hope you like it. (Unedited and all that normal jazz)
©2014 Anne Mercier
Xander pulls out his iPod and Kennedy swears.
I look at him in confusion; Ethan, Ben, and Jesse all groan.
“What?” I ask Jesse.
Just as Jesse opens his mouth, Xander starts singing and I pause with my mouth hanging open. I stare in disbelief, not because he doesn’t have a great voice, because he does, but because he not only sings the song, he also starts grooving and dancing as he plays Candy Crush on his phone—totally oblivious to the fact that everyone else on the bus is staring at him. Xander isn’t singing metal. Xander isn’t singing rock. Oh no. Xander starts singing, Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira.
I look at Jesse who just shakes his head. Meggie and Sera have their mouths hanging open like me while Trace just shakes his head and Jace starts singing along.
“Dear God,” Cage says. “We’re only an hour in and he’s already started. He shakes his head.
Kennedy nods grimly. “And so it begins.”


Blush Release Date

Posted October 2, 2014 by Anne Mercier in Anne Mercier / 11 Comments

♬❤♮❥♩❤♫❥♪❤♯❥BLUSH RELEASE DATE❥♯❤♪❥♫❤♩❥♮❤♬

DECEMBER 11, 2014…. only 10 weeks from today…

which means I’ll miss you until then because I’m going in the cave ….


I have a story for you…

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So I have a story. When I hit the top 300 in overall sold books in rankings I told my BF if I get in the top 100 I will run around the block screaming at the top of my lungs and being as he’s long distance, he’s going to have my son make sure I do it… well, I wasn’t at all nervous about that at all… UNTIL NOW. It’s currently 172 overall…. if sales keep going… I’m going to be running around the block (which is technically 3 city blocks long) screaming at the top of my lungs. I may collapse from a heart attack… but you can bet your ass I will do it! AND… the other side of our block, behind our house… is Business Drive haha super busy… I’ll look like a total fucktard but idc… if I get in the top 100 with my first book I will… holy shit. Anyway… where I’m at now.. it exceeds ANY and all goals I had set for my first book. This is insanity…. HUGS AND LOVES ON YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

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