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Xander Part 1: The Beginning (book 9) Xander Part 2: The Present (book 10)

I understand this message I received today, but I want to remind everyone: I am human. I don’t think I’m going to rush to get Xander out tomorrow. I want to go cry because I feel like I’m letting you all down, but this book just isn’t ready. It won’t take long for it to be ready, but unless you’re willing to read a mediocre book about the one character you’ve all turned into a god (lol), I can’t, in good conscience, put this book out tomorrow. I just can’t.
I’m going to be honest with you. I am SO AFRAID of this book, so afraid of delivering a book which won’t due Xander justice, so afraid of failing you all, which is why it’s taking me so long. I’m not telling you this so you’ll blow up my ego about it, saying it’ll be great whatever I write, because that’s not true. I know that’s not true at all… it needs to be the best I can deliver to you and this isn’t it.
I’ve been struggling since before Kadence with on and off writer’s block and I’m trying hard to work through it. That’s my secret shame and I am afraid I’ll never get my mojo back completely. It scares the hell out of me.
So, my friends it’s going to be a surprise release when it’s ready. It’ll come out soon… I just won’t be telling you when.
Thank you for listening and, hopefully, understanding.
Anne xoxo

Duet, Rockstar 8.5, Sera and Cage

Duet WAS published in the Alphas & Fairytales anthology which JUST went off sale February 21st.
It will be available again on it’s own and expanded, on or around April 16th. All proceeds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research in lieu of my dad.


So… I may have to rearrange a few dates for my release schedule because
Xander just *might* have two books. *falls over* If he does, I’ll let you know… right now it’s 75% yes/25% no

Like I need MORE Rockstar books….

TENTATIVE LIST–always subject to change without notice
1 Falling Down Jesse and Lucy (2014)
2 Blush Jesse and Lucy (2014)
2.5 A Very Xander Christmas (2014)
3 Amplify – Sera and Cage (2015)
4 Interlude – Jesse & Lucy, Cage & Sera (2015)
5 Ballad – Ben and Nicole (2015)
6 Lullabye – Jesse and Lucy (2015)
6.5 A Very Xander Christmas 2 (2015)
7 Kadence – Jace and Summer (2016)
8 A Very Xander Christmas 3 (2016)
8.5 Duet (2016)
9 Xander – Then (2017)
10 Xander – Now (2017)
11 Jamming With Xan (Charity short story) (2017)
12 Refrain
13 Harmony
14 Anthem
15 A Very Xander Christmas 4
16 Serenade
17 Strings
18 Riff
19 Melody
20 An Encore and A Prelude


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Xander, Rockstar Book 9, Teaser

Xander, Rockstar Book 9
Coming February 26th
Add to your TBR:

 photo Xander Teaser 1_zpshzjw0xoa.jpg

We met at the age of eight. That day on the playground was a turning point in my life.
Her life wasn’t easy. Mine was a cake walk.
She was a good girl. I was a troublemaker.
She was everything and without her I was nothing. I knew it the first time I saw her, and I still know it now.

She wanted me to live my dreams, and I wanted the same for her.
Ten years later, we’re still living separate lives—seeing one another when we can, which wasn’t often with her living in New York City and me in LA.
I know my lifestyle has never been one she can handle—the fans, the media, there is no privacy or peace—but I can’t be without her anymore.

I need her.

She’s the love of my life and when I asked her to come to me last Christmas, she said yes. I’ve been waiting for her, and now she’s here. My heart is finally whole.

But not everything is about me. She’s giving up her life there to merge it with mine here. She’s giving up her privacy. She’s giving up her anonymity. She’s giving me everything.

I’m going to give her everything of me in return. But will our love be enough? Can the good in our lives overshadow the bad? Or will all the obstacles we’ve so carefully avoided break us completely?