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Posted April 16, 2017 by Anne Mercier in 2017, Giveaways, Rockstar Series (ages 17+) / 0 Comments

A giveaway—just because. All you have to do to be entered is:
1. Tell me who your favorite Rockstar character(s) are AND WHY.
2. Like my Facebook author page.
3. Share this post.
4. Be entered one extra time for each person you tag in the comments.
***READ CAREFULLY. If instructions aren’t followed, you won’t be eligible to win.***
As always, I am responsible for this giveaway and Facebook is not.



Posted April 9, 2017 by Anne Mercier in 2017, Anne Mercier, Giveaways / 0 Comments

So…. I ordered 15 copies of each of my books… every single copy of Amplify was smaller in dimension than the other books. Thankfully, Createspace is awesome and sent me new copies.
Since I get to keep these, I drew 10 random names off of the Rockstar Info form. I’m not going to say who… you can wait and see when the packages arrive. <3
I also chose random people for other books as well.
If you haven’t filled out the Rockstar Info form, you definitely should if you’d like to be included in the random drawings! If you have already filled it out, you don’t need to fill it out again unless there’s an update in your information. <3
Rockstar Info