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Hi everyone,

My grandmother fell ill a few weeks ago and passed away last week. Due to this, I’m going to bump Harmony back a little bit to be published in 2017… so the next book up will be A Very Xander Christmas 3 (Rockstar Book 8).  It’s scheduled for December 18, but I’m hoping to get it out to you sooner and then get started on Xander’s book (Rockstar Book 9).

Thanks for being so understanding!

Hugs and love,

Anne xoxo

COVER REVEAL: Harmony, Rockstar #7.5, A Jesse and Lucy Novella

HARMONY – ROCKSTAR #7.5 – A Jesse and Lucy novella


So much has happened in Jesse and Lucy’s first year of marriage. They’ve barely had enough time to catch their breath. Now it’s time to go to the premiere of Always Yours, the movie she did with Aiden Jensen. When Lucy gets a bit nostalgic, Jesse becomes worried. Is their life—now—what she wants? Is he enough? Or does she want to go back to that life–the one before him?

Lucy’s exhausted—who wouldn’t be, dealing with quadruplets? When faced with her past, she realizes there’s nothing better than what she has now—her present—and her future with her babies and the man she loves. She just needs a breather–and Xander and the gang put together a weekend getaway for her and Jesse to give her that very thing.

Their weekend away couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s time to remind that husband of hers just how good they are together and how much he means to her.

Game on, Rockstar.
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