(Rockstar Book 10)

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It’s ten years later, and we’re still living separate lives. While I know she isn’t comfortable with my lifestyle after everything she’s been through, I can’t be without her anymore.

I need her.

She’s my wife.
She’s my heartbeat.
She’s my next breath.
She’s my everything.

I want to know every detail of her life. I want to be part of it all. I want to work as hard to get there as she did to get here.

She’s always been my girl—even at the age of eight. As I face her now, there’s no doubt she’ll be mine until I draw my last breath as I will be hers.

It’s time for our forever to begin.


REFRAIN (Rockstar Book 11)

Ethan’s story
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Jesse & Lucy novella
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Sera and Cage novella
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Kennedy’s story
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Meggie and Trace’s story
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A look at the entire Rockstar family –all points of view… including the children.
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39 responses to “COMING SOON

      • Wendy

        This is not about your books I just want to say I hope you get better soon remember your health is the most important thing. I think you’re an amazing writer I really love the rockstar series Jesse and Lucy are my favorite

        • Thank you so much, Wendy. It’s a daily battle, but I’m making strides as I’m back to writing. There’s going to be a Rockstar Holiday short story coming out, this will be replacing A Very Xander Christmas as I need to fill in this plot hole I realized I had (rolling my eyes at myself), so I’ll be putting this book out before Xander Book 2 (which I am hoping and praying will be out to you in January or February).

  1. Laura Giroux

    I love the Rockstar series. Can’t wait for future stories. I’ve fallen in love with them all. The best stories I have read and glad they are #1 in my collection.

    • Thank you SO much, Laura! I am beyond happy that you’re loving the Rockstars!! They’ll be around for a long time to come so you’ll get to enjoy lots more Rockstar goodness! Hugs! Anne xoxo

  2. Deionica

    I absolutely love the rockstar series I can’t wait for the next books this is a great series I feel like I’m part of this family when I’m reading these stories

  3. Diane Bush

    I have a question in an earlier book Emillio said he was family with Serafina and family to Lucy by marriage how is that when Lucy’s mom is a Manzini?

    • Yes, Regina is a Manzini, but only through marriage. Her father died when she was young and her mother remarried to a Manzini. It’s a long-distance relative that isn’t at all part of the Manzini mafia.

  4. Beth Butler

    I just finished Kadance, Book #7. When is Ethan’s story coming out? Also, can’t wait for the Xander series!

    • When Xander Book 2 is complete and released, I will be releasing it to Kindle Unlimited… but, to make the books available for those who don’t use Amazon, I will be boxing up books 7, 8, 8.5, 9, and 10 (Kadence, A Very Xander Christmas 3, Duet, Xander Book 1, Xander Book 2) and making the boxset available on all retailers.

    • The book has been delayed. I must have missed this post to remove the date. For that I’m sorry. I won’t set a date until it’s in the hands of my editor and then and only then will I post an announcement of the release date. Sorry for any confusion. <3

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