I have a story for you…

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So I have a story. When I hit the top 300 in overall sold books in rankings I told my BF if I get in the top 100 I will run around the block screaming at the top of my lungs and being as he’s long distance, he’s going to have my son make sure I do it… well, I wasn’t at all nervous about that at all… UNTIL NOW. It’s currently 172 overall…. if sales keep going… I’m going to be running around the block (which is technically 3 city blocks long) screaming at the top of my lungs. I may collapse from a heart attack… but you can bet your ass I will do it! AND… the other side of our block, behind our house… is Business Drive haha super busy… I’ll look like a total fucktard but idc… if I get in the top 100 with my first book I will… holy shit. Anyway… where I’m at now.. it exceeds ANY and all goals I had set for my first book. This is insanity…. HUGS AND LOVES ON YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

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