Rockstar Q&A

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Xander, how did you deal with the feelings you had/have for Lucy while being away from Tera?
I still have feelings for Lucy. I’m not going to lie about it. I talk to Tera about it in Book 2 so you’ll get all the juicy deets then.

Summer, how was it making out with Jack Lair *wiggles eye brows*
*looks around for Jace* Oh my God. *fans self* He is an amazing kisser. He had my bra off in record time. If not for my dad’s band being around, we’d have probably gone a lot farther. He is sexy and, oh boy. Layla is one lucky woman.  

Anne, are there going to be more involved scenes with Meggie and my love Trace before their story is told. Like a flashback of when they hooked up the first time or just some indication of their romance. I’m just dying to know more about Traces character. Is he funny? Is he a jokester? Serious? Romantic? I think he might be a freak in bed.
Honestly? I don’t know. I never know what the characters are going to do until they do it–and Trace and Meggie are as unpredictable as they come.
Trace, for the most part, is serious, but when you get him drunk (has to be tequila) he laughs and tells some of the best jokes. He isn’t always romantic, but when he is it’s special. Meggie appreciates every second of those moments. A freak in bed… he just blinked. Meggie smirked… so I think your answer is yes. 

Why is Joan so involved with helping those kids? Does she have any of her own?
Joan… Boy, if I tell you this it’s going to ruin a part of one of the Russo Famiglia series books… so I’ll just say, her reasons are good ones. Sorry, I can’t tell you!  I hate that.  No, Joan doesn’t have any children of her own. That’s part of why she loves the ones she takes in so fiercely–like she did Cage.

I loved Linc… But was left with so many questions since we know from the other books that he is gone… Anne Mercier please tell us you are going to tell us more about him in book 2?????
There will absolutely be more about Linc in book 2. You’ll find out more about what he’s been up to, besides taking care of Tera, and what his plans are going forward. You’ll find out even more about Linc in another upcoming book… I can’t tell you which one just yet, but I promise it’s going to be worth the wait.

Linc thought/question… if Lucy had been THE fangirl since the competition, how did she not know about Linc?
She just forgot about him. She was hyperfocused on Jesse, mostly, and Linc dropped out so early into their career, she never gave it a second thought as to who he was.

Anne, did Tera design the bus graphics??
No, she didn’t. Cage had someone design those graphics–though how cool would it have been if she had? 

Did you know from the start that Xander would be married? If not, when did you plan this?
Yes, I knew. I also knew he’d get some backlash for screwing a few groupies over the past 10 years, but there are legit reasons for that. More will be explained in book 2, so don’t give up on him just yet.

Did you know from the start that Xander’s woman would be someone they had all grown up with?
I did.  She had to be someone special to all of them if she was going to be such an integral part of the storyline–Xander’s storyline. With anyone else, they wouldn’t have been so understanding as to why he screwed around and why she wasn’t there. They were there for it all, so they totally understood.

 Will Dr Mac get a happy ending?
He absolutely will. You’ll find out more in book 2.  

Will Linc re-join Falling Down? Or are his band days/years over?
Linc’s done with the band, I think. He may go with them and work the sound boards as he did previously, but he won’t play keyboards or any of that anymore. He has other things going on and you’ll learn more of that in book 2 and upcoming books.

Xander always had a thing for Lucy since he met her and when in Book 1 read it, of course we didn’t know his backstory, so I assumed that had Lucy not loved and crushed on Jesse for so long, and had it not reciprocated by Jesse, Xander would have swooped in. Now knowing the whole thing, is Xander’s attraction towards Lucy of something more that could have had the potential to come between him and Tera?
It did… at one point. At one point, when he wasn’t certain Tera would show up, yes. Book 1 was before Tera said yes… and even after that, he wasn’t sure she’d be able to make it back to him. He’d done so much for her, it was her turn to come to him because if she didn’t get therapy to be able to live a half-way normal life, he didn’t know how they could be together.  You know?  That’ll come out in book 2

Have you ever written a Rockstar character that you didn’t love, that didn’t end up on the wrong end of somebody’s gun?
Nope… not so far.

Trace –  Fans want to know about him.
Ah, Trace Styx. He is a man full of secrets. He’s a six feet three inch very virile man with a body of solid muscle and tattoos. Piercings in his ears, lip, and eyebrow. You’re going to learn so very much about him when his book comes up, the last in the series, Melody (Rockstar Book 19). Brace yourself for a truck load of surprises!

Xander, where does your quirkiness come from?
My dad.   “Color me skeptical. What color is that crayon.” He’s a funny guy and my idol. His humor is one of the many things I love about my old man.

Kennedy  Will you marry me? And then we can live happily ever after.  
Kayla, while I’m not the marrying type, I’d love to tell you ‘yes’ but I’ve recently figured out my destiny… including who my girl will end up being. And make no mistake, she will be mine… no matter how much she tries to fight it.

Xander – you love the Quads. Do you see yourself being a dad in the future.  How many kids would you have?
Kids?  Fuck yeah. I’d love ten or twelve, but Tera said she’d like to keep her vag from falling out. Can that really happen?

Damian – Why does wearing white make you so uncomfortable.
I’m too noticeable in white. In black, I blend into the background where I need to be.

Damian – How did you get into the Famiglia?  And do you have a guilty secret pleasure?
My story is one similar to Cage’s. They just found me and I worked my way up, proving my loyalty and receiving rewards. They are my Famiglia, without a doubt.
A secret guilty pleasure. I have a couple. I am so going to get shit for this, but Butterfinger ice cream or Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I could live on that shit.  Second, and I blame Lucy for this, the TV show Scandal. She makes us watch it every Thursday night. I used to try to get out of it, but now I’m too hooked. I make sure I’m there 15 minutes early to get a good seat–that pisses Jesse off and makes me laugh. He’s so easy.

Trace – How do you feel about your band mates mob connections?  P.S. Where’s the strangest place you’ve signed your autograph?  
Mob connections? Oh, you mean la Famiglia. Yeah, I don’t even care. I think it’s kinda nice, actually. We’ve got a fuck lot of protection and security.
You’d think it’d be boobs, right? *looks around for Meggie* This one chick, had me sign on one side of her pussy. She said she was getting it tattooed there. I don’t know if she ever did. Some fans are really strange.

Is Lucy and Sera’s cousin, Emilio, now part of the Russo family?
Yes, Emilio is part of la Famiglia, much to the dismay of the Manzinis.  I have a feeling we’re going to be in for a bumpy ride where he’s concerned.

After reading Kadence, My question would be, “Cage, how does it make you feel when Kadence calls you her Gentle Giant?”
Like a Gentle Giant. I’ve always felt so big and kind of clumsy with my big hands and feet, but Kadence seems to fit just fine.

Do you have a drawing/layout of CFD.
Not yet, but I’m working on it… It’s hard to find the time to get that done when there are stories due–deadlines.  Soon, I’ll try to get one soon.

After reading Kadence… are Cage and Sera going to have any babies?
Sera told Cage in Duet she’s thinking about babies and she’s going to stop getting her shot… so we’ll see what happens. She’s worried since she’s only gone one ovary and tube left.

Kennedy – Have you always been the mysterious silent thinking man you are today?
Pretty much. I like being quiet, just watching what goes on around me. I talk when I need to. That’s enough.

Are we gonna get to see Cage and Sera in all their badassness any time soon..Cage is my Batman but..I have such a girl crush on Sera!!
I’m sure you will. You know how they are… and there are always threats around.

Ethan… how has watching your band mates fall in love affected you?
Uh, it hasn’t, really. I think it’s cool for them but I just don’t see it in my future. Let’s just say… it’s complicated.

What happened to the Blush Boy?
Jake Ingrassia, the Blush Boy, wasn’t able to go on tour—his mother took one look at the bands and said absolutely not. Who can blame her? So, he was the Blush Boy in the ads… but for the tour, there was only the Blush Baby.

Jesse seems to mention is mam without any anger or upset in FD. He says she taught him to cook for himself and that she and his sisters, are the only women who have been in his bedroom. Is it because his relationship is new with Lucy or is it because he doesn’t really talk about her much at all??
There was a time his mom wasn’t a bad person, but that didn’t last for long. I think it’s mostly because his relationship is new with Lucy. He doesn’t really share much about his parents at all… and his mom hasn’t always been bad… his Dad has been… and then his dad and his schemes, when Jesse and Ben got famous and had money, she cashed in on both and THAT is what turned Jesse away from his mom. She was never the same kind, caring mom he grew up with–which is why he felt nothing when she got killed. She was already dead to him, in a sense, when she changed.

What is the deal with Linc? He was mentioned once in the diner scene in Blush as being their “sixth”.  
We’re finding out the answers to that right now with Xander: Book 1. There’ll be more in the upcoming Rockstar books as well.

What does Falling Down sound like to you? Who do they sound like? (Avenged Sevenfold maybe?)
Jesse sounds somewhat like M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, with the gravelly voice, the growl, but I imagine it to be a little deeper. I think they’d sound like a cross between Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and Pop Evil.

Just curious, when Grandpa Russo meets everyone in Lucy’s hospital room, he knows everything about everyone. Even makes note about Trace’s secrets being his own to tell. What did he know about Xander and Tera? Why didn’t he make note of their secrets? (Without revealing anything of course)
He knew and knows everything about everyone. He knows what happened to Tera and why she’s not with Xander. I’m sure if they ask him or mention it to him, he’ll “handle” the situation for them. He didn’t just not mention Xander’s secrets, he didn’t mention Ethan or Kennedy’s either. I suppose just a look was enough and him mentioning that to Trace, was enough for them to figure it was directed toward them as well.

We know that Sera is a badass with a gun and knife and it is mentioned once about how Lucy does hand to hand fighting. Are we ever going to get any details on that? I love that Lucy is a badass princess, but I would love to her more about how she can kick ass!
Well, I hope not. She’s a mom now and she really doesn’t need any situations where she has to use that skill. Maybe a training session with Sera or something in one of the books. I’ll keep it in mind.

During Ballad, the group was in NYC for 4 days, did Xander visit Tera? Did any of the other guys go with him?
Yes. You’ll hear mention in Xander: Book 2, about him disappearing for days and even weeks at a time. Ethan went to visit from time to time as well.

So in all the books Xander gives everyone shit about finding their one and falling in love, why do none of the guys bring up Tera?
Out of respect for Xander and how difficult it is for him to be away from Tera. It would remind him about her and how much it hurts, and I’m sure he gets plenty of those already.