Kiss This Too
Kiss This Too (Book 2 in the Kiss duet)

Just when Leo and I finally find our rhythm, an injury in combat sidelines my dad, taking me from my new life in Shell Beach, California, to yet another new one on the military base in Havelock, North Carolina.

Living clear across the country from your boyfriend is misery when you’re a teenager in love.

During the time away from my new-found friends, I realize my life is there–with them. So, I go through the motions, merely existing and not really living. I want to ask Dad if I can go back and live with Aunt Ruthie, but he’s so hopeful this will be a fun new start for us. But I’m tired of moving around. I want stability.

Just as I’m ready to give up all hope, Dad’s called back for another deployment. I shouldn’t be happy that my dad’s going to war, but it’ll get me back to my life.

Then doubt begins to creep in. It’s been less than three months, but will my friends still be my friends? Will Leo really still be my boyfriend–or has he already moved on? And what happens when my dad comes back?

There are so many questions–and only one way to find the answers.
It’s time to take back my life.

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