You’ve probably gotten a notice from Amazon that Xander’s release date has been changed to July 20th. I’m sorry for the delay. I didn’t explain what was going on, so I’ll do that now.
I’ve been diagnosed with stage 3A kidney disease and I also have a kidney infection as well. After ten days of antibiotics, my infection hasn’t cleared up, so now I’m on three weeks of two different antibiotics in hopes that it’ll clear up completely. If it doesn’t, in four weeks I’ll have to have a port-a-cath placed and receive IV antibiotics every day for I don’t know how long. I’m exhausted. I could sleep 24/7 if allowed. Today, Monday, June 12, is the first time in about 5 days that I feel well enough to get some actual work done.
I’m sorry for the delay… it’s only a few days but it still sucks. I hope the book is worth the extra wait.
Thanks much <3
Anne xoxo

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  1. As sad as I was to get the notice my pre-order was cancelled, I’m even more sad to hear about your health issues. I hope you feel and get better soon. It will make the anticipation even better.

  2. Let’s hope the anti-biotics work well. Feel better very soon.

    I got a notice from Amazon cancelling my pre-order of Xander : Book 2 due to the date change. Is this supposed to be correct? They said the author requested the order be cancelled.

    I can gladly wait until the book comes out at a later date, but why cancel the pre-order?

    Anyways, feel much better.



  3. I hope you feel better. Do some research if you have time on alkaline body state. Amazon canceled my preorder all together.

  4. While I was disappointed to hear the book would be delayed I was even more upset over your illness. We can’t live without your “Rockstar” brilliance! Get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  5. Your getting well is the only thing that matters. Rest, heal, relax. We will always have your back. We will be praying and send our best thoughts your way.

  6. It is bizarre how rare kidney disease is outside of known ailments such as diabetes, yet I too have kidney disease, stage four. And I’m struggling to put out my first book. I sincerely hope that you have an excellent nephrologist. It is difficult for anyone to understand that the disease can completely drain you of strength and make you struggle with cognitive abilities. You have my sincerest well wishes. I can’t wait to read Xander, “the present”.

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