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As you all know, the book has been delayed. As a courtesy to you all so I won’t disappoint you again, I won’t set a date until it’s in the hands of my editor. Then and only then will I post an announcement of the release date. Sorry for any confusion.

I want to assure you, I’m working diligently on Xander and Tera’s book… and it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Thanks for your patience.

As for my health, the kidney infection is finally gone. Whew. It makes a difference in my day-to-day energy level and if I could, I’d dance a jig… but that’d suck all the energy for the day  lol   I’d rather spend that on writing.  Things are slow with kidney disease and there’s minimal improvement in my numbers but, as my doctor said, it’s going to take time. I want so much to get back on track and not be so exhausted all the time… I’m figuring it out with diet, medication, vitamins and supplements so, again, that takes time.  But I will figure it out! I promise.




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  1. Carla Mallow

    So happy you are getting better…Can not wait to get X2..and remember, I didn’t read X1… I wanted to wait for X2 so I can read them together….So X1 sits in my kindle library and mocks me!!!
    And I’m looking forward to getting all of my books!!!
    Take care….Love….❤️?

  2. Jenn

    I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find Xander: Book 2 anywhere. So I decided to look on your Facebook page… Now I feel like such a heal:( I am counting down to the big 4-0 birthday, and I have been “sick” with a diagnosed disease (that doesn’t fit any of the criteria for the disease) since I was 21. I managed fine/okay thought my 20’s, but by 35 I was almost completely bedridden. All this despite multiple treatments, multiple surgeries, and more drugs/ narcotics/ alternative medicine then I can even remember. I have learned a few things to make it through (the only reason that I even shared all that). Try to be as positive and optimistic as possible as often as possible (whenever I get down or negative I make myself say outload something that is good or I’m grateful for), have a good support system (family, friends, or support group), and most importantly you have…a good escape. When things got really dark for me, instead of staring at TV or whatever, I got lost in reading! You along with about 6 other authors (as well as a random story here or there) saved my life, you gave me a distraction, something to look forward to. Thank you!

    • No worries, Jenn. I understand the frustration of waiting for a book. I truly do. I found out my kidney disease is why I’ve been feeling so poorly and have had to push back multiple deadlines. I hate that I’ve had to do that. It sucks. Seriously sucks. I’m sorry for your suffering and I’m so very happy my books help you get through the tough times. I hope to be able to do this for you very soon with Xander Book 2 Hugs!

  3. Gail Warnock

    Hi Anne so glad your feeling better and well know what kidney problems can do to the body and it takes a while to get the energy levels back up for sure and can be frustrating but hang in it will get better and you will start feeling like you again . Love you books you are an amazing author and know Zander 2 will be a beautiful story .Please take good care of yourself chin up , Warmest regards .

  4. Annel Ivet Villalobos Sandoval

    Hope you get better. I love your books but I can wait until you are better.

  5. Stephanie Strickland

    I’m truly sorry to hear about your health problems. I have an 8year old niece with kidney disease, so I know what your dealing with. You take care of yourself first. As anxious as I am to read the rest of Xander’s story, I can patiently wait for its release. I know it will be well worth the wait. Take care!!!

  6. Laura

    Hi Anne. I have RSD in my leg so I know what it’s like to go through what you did. I am happy to see you are doing better. I haven’t seen any recent posts. Is there any news yet as to when the next book will come out? It’s okay if not, I was just wondering. Always take care of you first!! God bless you!

  7. Lisa

    Please let us know when to expect xander book 2. Not to rush I just want to be on some type of notifications list when it does come out.

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