THE WAY WITH YOU (The Way Book 2) – A College Bully Romance
NOTE: This is a second edition with major revisions.

Turns out I’ve got a low tolerance for being ignored.

It was Cam who offered occasional dates.
It was Cam who suggested we be exclusive “bed” buddies.
It was Cam who slowly began to disappear from my life, and I’m tired of feeling like nothing more than a warm body.

I deserve better.

When I find myself spending more time with my friends, it’s Sebastian who’s here for me when I need him most. There’s always been that “something” between us, but with his string of girls and Cameron in the way, I never really entertained the idea.
Enter one ex-girlfriend and another to my list of bullies.

One betrayal changes everything. I’m not settling anymore. I’m not doing what’s best for everyone else this time. No, this time I’m doing what’s best for me.

I’m tired of standing under this umbrella alone.

THE WAY BACK TO ME (The Way Book 1) – A College Bully Romance
NOTE: This is a second edition with major revisions.

“The Way Back to Me is one of those stories that sits in your soul and demands you to pay attention to it long after it’s been read. This book is only a beginning, but the emotions and honesty Mercier paints into the words will have you rushing for its second half.”
~ Ginger Scott, USA Today Bestselling Author

My life was charmed. I had the best friends ever. We were known as the Fab Five and our futures were planned out.

In a flash, everything was taken from me. I don’t know how to live without them. I don’t want to.

I’m broken.

When to college, I see him.

Cameron Stone. Mr. Football. Mr. Popular. He’s definitely hot, but on the inside he’s vile. He made my childhood a living nightmare. I don’t know why he hates me or why he’s suddenly being so nice to me. All the sweet talk in the world won’t work. I know better.

So, why am I listening?

REFRAIN (Rockstar Book 16) – A m/m rockstar romance

As a child, I trusted no one.
Then I found my best friends.
They gave me a family and saved me from a life of abuse that still has me messed up.

Then one of those best friends captured my heart.
Lincoln, tough yet tender, a walking contradiction.
He loves me too—flaws and all.
He’s the most patient man on the earth and understands my PTSD.

What he doesn’t understand is why our being intimate makes me feel “dirty”.
He’s not one of the men who abused me and he’d never hurt me. I know this. I believe it.
Still, the “dirty” creeps in even though I know what we do together is anything but.

He’s here now and he’s going to stay.
It’s time for me to talk to someone professionally.
I need to shed my unhealthy past in order to have a healthy future with the man I love.
If I don’t, I just might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me—and there’s not enough therapy in the world to get me through that.

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She’s just a simple girl living a complicated life. He’s the popular jock that everyone loves–the ‘him’ he lets them see, anyway.

See what happens when their worlds collide in The Kiss Duet, a mature Young Adult duet, with laughs, drama, angst, loss, love, and betrayal.

“There are so many surprises, things I’d never have even thought possible, and I just couldn’t put it down! This duet rocks!” – Jennifer, Romancing the Dispatcher

KISS THIS TOO (Book 2 in the Kiss Duet)

Kiss This Too Just when Leo and I finally find our rhythm, my life turns upside down and I need to go home.

Grief blindsides me, and I’m lost.

Living halfway across the country from your new boyfriend is misery when you need him to be there with you, helping to ease the pain of your loss. Add in the drama-stirring Evil Four who make me doubt Leo, myself, and our relationship, and I’m a mess.

My best friends show up, insisting I come back to Shell Beach. I know I’ve wallowed long enough, but am I ready to face all the drama that awaits me there?



Kiss This (Book 1 in the Kiss Duet)

Kiss ThisInternational Bestselling Author Anne Mercier brings you a tale of a douche and a dame battling all the angst and drama only teenage love can bring.

When I’m dragged to a party by my best friends, I don’t plan on having a good time—and I’m not, until “he” finds me alone on the beach. I expect him to be a jerk with looks like him—but he’s not. He’s funny and sweet and we spend hours talking about nothing and everything.

Then he kisses me.
And I give myself to him—a familiar stranger with a name as fake as mine—then we say goodbye.

I never planned on seeing him again.

When Shell Beach Hall moves all their classes to Shell Beach Academy, I’m more than a little annoyed. The Academy is full of the snobs I avoid like the plague.

I can’t hide my surprise when I see him again. He can’t hide his derision, accusing me of knowing who he was and using him to gain popularity.

I realize I was wrong about him. He’s a jerk…and I want
nothing to do with him.

But he won’t leave me alone.
He taunts and teases me.
He’s arrogant and a jock who sleeps with any girl he wants. “They should all be so lucky”—his words, not mine.

I’m disgusted. This is who I gave my V-card to? Ugh.
I loathe everything he represents and I want to punch him in his pretty bullying face.

So why can’t I stop feeling his hands on my body or hear his sexy whispered words?

Why, oh why, did he have to kiss me?