A Very Xander Halloween

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A Rockstar Short Halloween Story
©2017 Anne Mercier
“They’re too young to eat candy. We are *not* taking them trick-or-treating,” Lucy tells them.
Xander pouts. “But… they’d get extra candy because they’re so cute.”
Lucy rolls her eyes. “No.”
“The least you could do is let me dress them up,” Xander replies.
Lucy looks him up and down, arms crossed. Her gaze slides over to Jesse’s and he just holds up his palms in a “don’t even get me involved” pose. She rolls her eyes again and huffs.
“Fine. But nothing permanent and nothing that isn’t organic. I don’t need Kierah or Konnor getting another rash.”
Xander nods with each direction, grinning like a loon. “Excellent!” He rubs his hands together and takes off toward the nursery.
Lucy looks over to where Jesse, Kennedy, and Ethan are standing, looking at her dumbstruck.
“I just made a mistake, didn’t I?” she asks, cringing.
Ethan nods and mouths, “Yep.”
“Dude,” Kennedy says when he walks into Xander’s room thirty minutes later. “Lucy’s going to either love you or hate you for this. There will be no in between.”
Xander nods. “I know, but this is epic, right? I mean, look at them!”
“It’s a good thing they had four of them instead of three,” Ethan tells them.
“Nah,” Xan replies. “I’d have gone a different way.”
“When are you gonna show Luce?” Kennedy asks.
Xander grins big. “No time like the present.”
“Lucy,” Xander calls out.
“Done so soon? It better not give them a rash!” she replies.
“Yes, and all organic. No rashes. You ready?” he asks.
“Everyone’s already here, they’re just in the studio. Let me get everyone together because I have a feeling this is going to be something the whole family is going to want to see.”
“Perfect. Fifteen minutes,” Xan responds, then bolts back to his room.
“Oh boy,” Lucy whispers.
“Presenting: The Kingston K Quads!” Xan shouts. “Kaid!”
Both of them are wearing black stretchy pants and a black and red tight tee along with black Chucks… and a mustache… yeah, the pornstache kind.
“Oh boy,” Lucy whispers with a laugh.
Then music starts to play. Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone snickers. Then Xander starts singing along with it, holding Kaid, back to chest, and maneuvers his arms.
“Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality”
He continues through the entire song, complete with head-banging a baby Kaid.
When Xander and Kaid exit the room, everyone’s laughing and talking about how awesome that was.
Five minutes later Xander shouts, “Konnor!”
Faith by George Michael starts playing and everyone grins.
Out come Xander and Konnor with blonde George Michael wigs, fake earrings, white pants, white Chucks, and a white tee that says “Make It Big.”
“Well I guess it would be nice
If I could touch your body
I know not every-body
has got a body like you
They both dance and wiggle and giggle, working the room, and Ethan laughs so hard he’s got tears rolling down his face.
When it’s over, Ethan gives them a standing ovation, still laughing.
Another five minutes later Xander shouts “KILLIAN!”
Out come Xander and Killian, decked out in Prince’s purple suit, black wigs and a short beard.
Kiss by Prince begins to play.
“You don’t have to be beautiful
To turn me on
I just need your body baby
From dusk till dawn”
They dance and work it and each time Prince sings “kiss”, Xan puts Killian’s hand to his lips and Killian kisses his hand then blows.
“He must have been working on that for a while,” Jesse comments with a grin.
“That is so adorable!” Meggie bounces.
When it’s over, they all clap and cheer.
“I am dying to see what he does with Kierah,” Sera says excitedly.
“I can only imagine,” Cage replies.
“It’s going to be amazing!” Meggie tells them.
Closer to ten minutes later, Xander announces, “Kierah!”
Both Xander and Kierah enter the room decked out in ripped fishnet stockings, high top Chucks, a mini skirt black, pink short tank and one of those off-the-shoulder sweatshirts- purple. They’ve both got long messy hair wigs with a ribbon holding the hair back from their faces. Let’s not forget the gloves with the fingers cut out, bangle bracelets, big cross necklace, and dangly earrings.
Everyone gasps and then starts laughing.
When Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” starts playing, the laughter gets louder.
“I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it thru-u
Didn’t know how lost I was
Until I found you-u”
They dance like Madonna, complete with the crawling across the floor (while Kierah’s strapped to his chest) and rolling onto their backs.
Everyone in the room is in hysterics, even Cage. There is no resisting the allure of Kierah and Xander’s antics. Kierah’s as dramatic as he is.
Lucy manages, between laughs, “She’s got flare! It’s both endearing and frightening how much she’s learned from her Uncle Xan.”
Then they’re laughing again, all of them, including Kierah and Xander. Mrs. M and Mr. M bring the boys back in the room to join the fun.
Everyone’s singing and dancing with the kids, enjoying Halloween–Xander style.
Lucy pulls Xander aside and gives him a hug.
“You make every holiday memorable and special.”
He grins big. “Every holiday should memorable and special–Just like me.”



11 responses to “A Very Xander Halloween

  1. Gayle Reed

    Love the way Xander interacts with the babies, makes him so lovable. Xander is a great character in the stories. Keep up the great writing.

      • Xander is available on my website at this time. In the future I’ll be adding it to the Xander Christmas books. I didn’t want to sell it as it’s really VERY short and not worth even 99¢ It’ll be free in ebook form soon. To find out when, feel free to sign up for any of these alerts.

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  2. Wanda

    I love Xander with every book the layers of his character grow grow and keep growing. Your books tell a story that has so many levels of love, Family, overcoming and a little violence and mystery to keep the story not only interesting but the arch of the story connected.

    • Xander 2 I’m shooting for February. And yes, Xander Halloween was written at the request of the readers in my facebook group (http://bit.ly/AMfamiglia). My Facebook group gets exclusive snippets, teasers, and excerpts.

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