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EXCERPT – Refrain (Rockstar Book 16)

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REFRAIN (Rockstar Book 16) excerpt
©2019 Anne Mercier
Unedited and subject to change
Linc’s POV
We eat our meals, still hearing the camera shutters. I now know why Ethan hates the attention the band gets.
“This sucks,” I admit.
Ethan smiles softly. “Yes, it does. It’s only going to get worse.”
I nod. “I know. You’ll be okay? They may do some digging.”
“It’s fine. Everything’s sealed or destroyed. Don’t forget, we’ve got Cage.”
“He’s intense. I wish this would be easier for you. I know how you hate this,” I say with a wave of my hand toward the paparazzi.
He shrugs. “I’ve been through this kind of thing before with the band, but us? This is going to get worse. Much, much worse.”
“Yeah.” Announcing to the world that you’re gay isn’t an easy thing. There are so many anti-gay assholes out there, and I’m worried they’ll hurt Ethan. I can handle myself, but my boy isn’t a fighter. He’s a lover. I rest my hand on top of his on the table and gently squeeze. “If they talk shit, E, let it roll off your shoulders. We know what we’ve got and we’re the only ones that matter.”
Click. Click. Click.
“This doesn’t just suck, it fucking sucks,” Ethan declares.
I nod. “I know, but it’s our life. We just gotta keep it in perspective and ignore all that bullshit.”
He nods in return. “I don’t want to know. Cage can deal with that. Celeste said she’d work with Marta on the PR if we needed. Lucy agreed to ‘loan’ her to us.” He chuckles.
I smirk. “She’s something. Lucy.”
He nods. “That she is. Perfect for Jesse in every way.”
“I like that she calls him out on his shit. That’s fucking epic to watch,” I laugh.
“You haven’t seen anything yet.”
“I can’t wait.”
Coming July 22nd.
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