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Interlude (Rockstar #4) Excerpt

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Excerpt – Interlude (Rockstar #4)
©2015 Anne Mercier

“Here’s a list of actresses and models we’re going to choose from,” Cage says and his assistant passes out the list.
Numbers one and two: Serafina Manzini and Luciana Russo. I lift my eyebrows and my gaze goes to Cage’s. He’s watching my reaction but giving none of his own. Does he remember… he has to.
“Holy hell,” Xander shouts, standing up.
“Dude, sit the hell down,” Kennedy tells him.
“No way,” he says pointing to the sheet. “This is it. It’s like fate. Destiny. Divine intervention. This is so it, Jesse.”
I smirk and I swear I see a twitch of Cage’s lips.
“What’s going on?” Cage’s assistant Dave asks.
“Lucy and Sera, dude. We want them. That’s it. Them. No other options. Make it happen,” Xan tells him.
“Uh,” Dave stammers and slides his gaze to Cage.
Cage nods once. “I’ll do my best but it’s not guaranteed those two aren’t booked during that time. They’re my first choices as well.”
“Jesse,” Kennedy murmurs.
I nod in response.
“Make it happen, Cage. Do whatever it takes.”
Cage’s brows raise briefly.
I sigh knowing he’s not going to give in without me telling him why. “All right. Here’s the story…”




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You’ve been all so great and patiently waiting for Interlude and I’ve been holding out on you. I’m so ashamed… okay I’m not really ashamed. #SorryNotSorry I just needed to make sure I could make this deadline and I’m pretty sure I can… so here it is!!!!! INTERLUDE (ROCKSTAR #4) COMING JULY 9TH.

You know all those questions you have about Jesse, Falling Down, and Cage? They’ll all be answered in this book. You know all those scenes from Falling Down you wanted Jesse’s POV for? They’ll be in this book. You know how you’ve been wanting them to go back on tour? That’ll be in this book. Introduction to the Blush Babies and so much more! Thanks for hanging in there and being so awesome with the delay!

Past To Present…

It all starts with a glimpse into the past of Falling Down, when Jesse meets Lucy, and everything you’ve wondered about Cage. Let’s see how they got to where they are right now.


It’s time to go back on tour…
Being on the road will be challenging for me with the Kingston litter on board. Add in the Blush Baby campaign that is now underway, the never-ending threats to the family, the Jesse-obsessed fans, and the changes that have happened since the last time we were on tour, I can’t help but wonder what else is in store for us.
One thing’s for sure: It won’t be boring.




Interlude Snippet…

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Interlude snippet… hopefully coming in May….
©Anne Mercier 2015 – Unedited and subject to change

Cage – Past
When I enter the limo, I’m not really all that surprised by the scene before me. Cesare Manzini being held at gunpoint by one of our men. Ernesto smirks and rubs his hands together.
“Here’s your present,” Giovanni tells Ernesto.
“Best present ever,” he replies.
“I would love to kill you,” Cesare seethes.
Ernesto snorts.
“You’ll never get that chance,” Giovanni tells him coldly.
“I should have killed you when I had the chance,” Cesare tells Giovanni and I lift my gun and point it at his temple.
“You might want to rethink how you speak to Mr. Russo,” I tell him. “You will show some respect.”
Ernesto smirks again.
“Who the fuck are you, boy?” Cesare asks.
“The boy who’s going to kill you,” I respond flatly.
Ernesto leans back in his seat. “He’s no boy, I can assure you that.”
Cesare looks me up and down, just his eyes roaming over my body while my weapon continues to press into his temple.
“Ah, we are here,” Giovanni announces. I lower my gun but my gaze doesn’t waiver from Cesare. Something’s wrong. I feel it. I can’t pinpoint it, I just know it in my gut.
We make our way into the empty warehouse.
“Are you ready to die?” Ernesto taunts.
Cesare sneezes then whispers, “Are you?” He bends over and in a flash he pulls a small gun from an ankle holster. I don’t hesitate. I pull the trigger before he gets a chance. I watch as blood and brain matter spray across the concrete floor and then, as if in slow motion, Cesare’s body crumples to the floor.
“Holy fuck, Nickels,” Ernesto exclaims.
I stand there, arm in the air, finger on the trigger and I wait for remorse to set it. It doesn’t. Why should it? The asshole was going to kill Giovanni. That just can’t happen. I made sure it didn’t.
“Fast reflexes, Cage,” Giovanni tells me.
“I knew something was wrong.”
He nods. “Always trust your instincts.”
Ernesto look at Giovanni with a smirk. “I told you.”
Giovanni nods again. “So you did.”
I have no clue what they’re talking about and, as I watch them pick Cesare Manzini’s lifeless body off the floor, I really wish I did.
“You’ll train him and we’ll groom him,” Giovanni tells Ernesto.
“For what?” I ask.
“Second in command,” Ernesto replies.
“What? No. That’s your position.”
He shakes his head. “I don’t want it. I knew you were the one for the position as I watched you come up in the ranks. Dedication and loyalty are rewarded.”
Are they fucking with me? I’m not even blood related. Is this possible? Do I want this?
Giovanni is watching me closely. “I know what you’re thinking. You of all people should remember, Cage, sometimes family isn’t always blood. Sometimes family is where you find it.”
I nod, thinking of Joan.
“Do you want this?” Ernesto asks.
Do I? Holy fuck what they’re asking me is insane. They’re asking me to be Giovanni Russo’s right hand. They’re asking me to be second in command to the Russo organization—to la Famiglia.
Do I want the responsibility? Do I want the power that comes with that position? Do I want this, really want this?
“Yes,” I answer and both Ernesto and Giovanni nod.
“Then we begin immediately,” Giovanni tells me.
I expected nothing less.




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Hi everyone 🙂

I keep getting numerous questions about Interlude and why it’s not on Amazon. Well, it’s delayed. I did put out a couple announcements in the newsletter and one here on my website, a couple on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who missed them, Interlude is, indeed, delayed. As of right now, I don’t have a definite publishing date. I’m *hoping* for May but I can’t promise you anything. Life gets in the way and I really, really don’t want to put out a shitty book so I’m taking a little more time to make sure it’s a book I feel is ready to be published.

I’m sorry for the delay and thank you so much for your understanding.

Hugs and love,
Anne xoxo