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Last Chance To Sign Up to Jam With Xan!

Posted January 13, 2017 by Anne Mercier in 2017, Anne Mercier, Jamming With Xan / 0 Comments

Would you like a chance to hang out with a Rockstar? How about one of the most adored Rockstars–Xander Mackenzie. I’m taking part in the Between The Sheets: A Book Boyfriend anthology—writing JAMMING WITH XAN, Rockstar #9.1… it’ll be one of the eighteen short stories.

In Jamming with Xan, YOU, the reader, will get a chance to hang out and jam with Xan the Man! All you have to do to be entered in a chance to jam with Xan, is fill out this form! Simple, right?

I’ll pick a winner when the time is right BUT I won’t be announcing who that winner is. You’ll have to wait and see when you read it!