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The Truths Series

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Releasing in late 2018

The Truths series has been put on hold for a little bit. I’ve decided to make some tiny changes and will be reworking Whispered Truths to make it less erotic and more YA.  I hope to re-release Whispered Truths in Sept 2018 with Discovered Truths the following month. The remaining books in the series will be released in 2019.



Cleveland Author Event June 25

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Anne will be at the Cleveland Author Event in June – come out and meet her.  Event information is available on their event site and they have an Author/Reader Facebook page.

Anne loves meeting her readers and hanging out with them.  A book pre-order form is available.  Come out and meet Anne and some of your other favorite authors.

Cleveland Author Event11999596_971843236206390_8219387579019908741_o





Discovered Truths- Cover Reveal

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Cover Reveal

Discovered Truths
Truths Book #2
Anne Mercier
Photographer & Designer: Sarah Eirew
Tentative Release Date: September 2016


He’s a temperamental bad boy.
An artist who’s wrong for me in every way.
Jackson Brandt is the epitome of a bad decision.
…and he’s my brother’s best friend.

She’s off limits–completely untouchable.
Sweetness and softness, talented and dedicated.
Emme Stewart is a temptation I must resist.
…and she’s my best friend’s kid sister.

They can’t deny it.
The pull is too strong.
Taboo or not, it’s a path they’re going to take…
Discovering truths.
About each other.
About themselves,
About love.

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News from Anne

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Anne is working hard on The Way With You (The Way #2).  She’s writing and writing and wants you to know her publishing date is scheduled for May 25th. Let’s wish her a speedy recovery from her latest deadline challenge – a sinus infection combined with a double ear infection. No bueno!  Here is the Goodreads link for The Way With You.

After The Way With You – It’s time for another Rockstar Book! Book #7 will be Jace’s Book – titled Kadence.  Anne plans to release this book in late June or July. Check out the synopsis on Goodreads.

Also, cover reveals for both TWWY and Kadence will be released on April 15th!!

Discovered Truth’s will be following Kadence in late August or September.  Here is the Goodreads Link for Discovered Truths.

There are a few book signings coming up.  Be sure to check the book signings page to see if Anne will be coming your way.

Be sure to check out all the great ways to follow Anne online here

You can sign up for Anne’s Newsletter here





The Questions… Answered…

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Have you left a review for The Way Back To Me? Would you like to be entered to win a signed copy of the book? All you have to do is share your review links! Just fill out this form and you’re entered… simple as that!

Need review ideas? This is all it takes to help out an author with a review…


First, I’ve changed the series title for The Way Back To Me. It’s now called The Way instead of Back To Me. There’s no reason other than it’s much easier to come up with titles with The Way than it is with Back To Me.

I’ve been asked(I think a gazillion times now) if there’s going to be a book 2 for Cam and Olivia and the answer is YES! Do you really think I’d be so cruel as to not have a book 2? Do you not know me at all? LOL I wouldn’t do that to you. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect Cam and Olivia to NEED a book 2, but here came Alison—skank bitch ho’. Boy, oh boy, she’s making some trouble for these two… but she’s not the only one. I don’t have a date yet… but I’m working on it. I do, however, have the blurb and the link to Goodreads.


The Way With You (The Way #2)
They thought it was difficult when Olivia was finding her way back…

Olivia and Cameron have gone through so much, individually and together, trying to find their happily ever after. But those happily ever afters don’t always come easy.

With academic schedules, Cam’s football schedule, and Olivia’s new-found campus fame—which she hates—they’re finding it’s more and more difficult to keep their relationship solid. Add in a conniving ex and it’s double trouble.

All of those things begin to take a toll, and then something—something unexpected—fractures their newly-found trust.

Is what they have strong enough to help them find their way together? Or will they end up changing directions?

I’ve also been asked—repeatedly—about the Truths series. When is Discovered Truths coming out? Well, after I write The Way With You. No concrete date. All I can tell you is I’ll get it to you as soon as I have a book I can give to you knowing it’s my best.

One last thing I’ve been asked… What about the Rockstars? When is Jace’s book coming out? After Discovered Truths is when you’ll get Jace’s book. When will you get Xander’s book? Early 2017. That’s the best I’ve got for you right now. I don’t like to give dates until I know I can meet them—life happens and I don’t want to disappoint you OR me. I’ve been asked if we’ll be revisiting Jesse and Lucy or Sera and Cage and the answer is yes! I’ve recently decided I’m going to put out some novellas so you can see what life is like for the new parents and what Sera and Cage have been up to… one never knows with Batman. When? I’m going to try to squeeze them in in between books so you get your Rockstar fix to tide you over until Jace’s book is ready.

I’ve put together a quick cover(both boxset covers will be redone soon!) for the Rockstar Boxset 2. With the individual books in Kindle Unlimited, this is a way for those who use iBooks or B&N to read them without any inconvenience. It’s available now, everywhere.
Digital List Price: $5.99


Lastly, if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter or my BookBub page, I urge you to do so. All new information will be coming out via my newsletter and all new releases, sales, etc., will always be available through BookBub. AND I, as well as my web assistant Kathi, work hard to keep all the information on my website up to date—usually this is first, so if you have questions, you might be able to find the answer there quicker than waiting for me to answer. 🙂




How many books… ?

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been getting asked a lot of the same questions lately so I figured I’d get them addressed to save time and confusion. 

First: I get asked how many books are in the Rockstar series, how long it’s going to last, if it’s going to end anytime soon?   The answer?  How many books in the series as whole numbers (not including novellas or short stories), at least 11.  Here’s what I have planned so far, but somewhere along the line I see another Lucy/Jesse story as well as another Sera/Cage story-though Sera/Cage may be addressed in the spinoff Russo Famiglia series(No idea when that’s going to be started).

Falling Down-1

A Very Xander Christmas-2.5
Ballad – 5
A Very Xander Christmas 2 – 6.5

Still To Come
Kadence (Jace’s story) – 7
Refrain (Ethan’s story) – 8
A Very Xander Christmas 3 – 8.5
Xander – 9
Strings (Kennedy’s story) – 10
Melody (Trace & Meggie’s story) – 11
There may be another Christmas short story in there somewhere and, as noted above, another Jesse/Lucy story, but as of now, those are the working titles.

Second: Will the Burners guys get their own stories?  Yep. They’ll all get a story after the Rockstar series is finished.

Third: When is Damian’s story coming out?  I don’t have a date as of yet. Whenever I wrap up the Rockstar series and begin the Russo Famiglia series. I’m anticipating 2018.

Fourth: Are you writing more Truths books?  Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, I’ll be starting on the second book very soon. If you aren’t familiar with the Truths series, the first book in the series is Whispered Truths, Kyle and Myah’s story, and is currently on sale for $0.99 (shameless plug). There’ll be four, possibly five, Truths books.

Fifth: When is Xander’s story coming out? This is the question I get asked the most and my answer, as of now, is early 2017. I would like to take a little more time with his book as there’s more to his storyline than I think you’re anticipating–not everything is daisies and roses for our Xander–as much as he tries to make us think otherwise. Stay tuned…

Sixth: What signings are you going to be at this year? A LOT. haha  No joke. I am doing my best to get around to everywhere you all want me to be and I’ll continue to work on that. If there’s anywhere you’d like me to visit, you can always email me anytime at Anne @ (no spaces). 

2016 Signings (Subject to change without notice) (Website)
April 22-25
Wicked Book Weekend- Ft. Lauderdale

May 7
Wild and Windy In The City – Chicago

June 10-12
Four Brits Book Fest- Birmingham, England

June 25
Cleveland Author Event

August 6
Just Another Book Signing, Miami

August 27
Deliciously Dirty in Dallas

October 8
Glass City Author Event, Toledo, Ohio

October 15
Naughty in Nashville

October 21
SBC Con Orlando

If ever you’re wondering about something, your best bet is to check here on my website first- I try my best to keep it up to date. I think that’s everything… if I forgot anything, again, feel free to email me or message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Keep your eyes open for The Way Back To Me (Back To Me, Book 1) coming your way February 23rd (as originally scheduled. February 22nd (I bumped it up a day, because I can!) It’s available now for preorder for only $0.99–I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep it at that price, so grab it for less than a dollar while you can!




She used to be perky, fun, and full of life—everything I hated about girls and their bullshit exterior. People called her bubbly; I called her “fake-as-hell.”

The edgy, dark, lonely girl in front of me was not the Olivia Brennan I knew from high school—far from it, actually. I knew the story—the whole town knew the story, we witnessed it all. It happened in the blink of an eye and the girl we knew was gone.

But I refuse to watch it anymore—I can’t stand it. I’m going to fix it—fix her. It’s time I showed Olivia her way back…

Back to the girl she used to be.




Whispered Truths Cover Reveal

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whispered truths_face

Release Date:June 11, 2015
Photo and Cover by the fabulous Sara Eirew

My life literally changed in the blink of an eye. I was happy, I was whole… and then my father died. Since then I haven’t been the same. I’ve been battling inner demons as well as the ones on the outside–my mother the evilest of them all. It’s time to take control of my life and Kyle Cooper makes me believe that I can.

I’ve been half in love with Myah Wilks for as long as I can remember. She’s short and sassy–or she was until tragedy struck. Changes in her life left an opening for me, the one I’ve been waiting for and I’m jumping–with both feet. This amazing girl has more fight in her pinky than most people do in their whole body… she just needs to be reminded. She also needs to purge those demons and let her secrets go. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll let me in and trust me with her whispered truths.



Cover Reveal – 3 days!

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cover reveal WT 3
My life literally changed in the blink of an eye. I was happy, I was whole… and then my father died. Since then I haven’t been the same. I’ve been battling inner demons as well as the ones on the outside–my mother the evilest of them all. It’s time to take control of my life and Kyle Cooper makes me believe that I can.

I’ve been half in love with Myah Wilks for as long as I can remember. She’s short and sassy–or she was until tragedy struck. Changes in her life left an opening for me, the one I’ve been waiting for and I’m jumping–with both feet. This amazing girl has more fight in her pinky than most people do in their whole body… she just needs to be reminded. She also needs to purge those demons and let her secrets go. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll let me in and trust me with her whispered truths.



A Glimpse of Whispered Truths…

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First glimpse of Whispered Truths – Coming June 14th.
©Anne Mercier
There’s a knock at the door and that’s when he walks in. Oh my God. What’s he doing here? I thought…
Lisa looks over and smirks. I watch resigned to the fact that there is no escaping all that is his hotness.
“Mr. Cooper,” Ms. Pritchard starts, flustered and blushing, “to what do we owe the pleasure?”
I roll my eyes. Even the teachers fawn over him. Mr. Popular. Mr. Quarterback. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Yummy. Who can blame her, really? He’s six feet tall with unruly brown hair that sticks up in disarray giving him that just jumped out of bed look—or been thoroughly kissed and the girl (preferably me) ran her fingers rapturously through his hair. Yeah, oh yeah. A girl can dream.
His eyes… eyes the color of milk chocolate surrounded by long thick eyelashes I’d kill to have, his lips full and lush, and his body firm and muscular. In other words: sex on a stick and every female that comes within ten feet of him wants to take a lick…or a bite.
Lisa leans across the aisle and whispers, “And the Hottie God has arrived.”
I roll my eyes again.
“Every class for three semesters?” she asks.
I nod and she smirks.
“I heard he dumped Macyn in the middle of Luca’s party. He just looked at her when she started hanging all over him and told her to take a hike.”
I raise my eyebrows and my eyes widen. “No shit?”
“No shit.” she whispers.
“That had to be humiliating.” I bite my bottom lip trying to stifle my grin. Awww, poor, poor Macyn.
Lisa smirks, knowing exactly what I’m thinking. “It was time. That skank was with him entirely too long if you ask me.”
“It was barely a week.”
“Too long,” Lisa says with a pointed look.
Aaron Weber, who’s sitting in front of me, adds, “I heard she cheated with DeMarco.”
“Ewww,” Lisa and I say at the same time.
“What the fuck?” I ask aloud.
“No shit,” Lisa adds.
“Chicks,” Aaron says with a shrug and turns around.
I lean forward a bit and whisper to Aaron, “Because you’ve recently gone through an ugly breakup, Weber, I’m not going to cuff you on the back of your head for that incredibly sexist comment. Any other time and you’d be feeling the pain.”
He responds with a sheepish grin. “For someone so small, you’re really fucking scary, Mia.”
“Don’t forget it either.” Like my wimpy self could even hurt anyone. I snort inwardly. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.
Lisa points at me and mouths, your turn with the Hottie God.
I wish. I just shake my head and give her a helpless look. She’s the only one who knows my secret.
So, okay, I have a crush on Kyle Cooper. He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met—and I’m too shy to let him in on the fact that my heart ping pongs around inside my chest whenever he’s around.
I’ve known him all my life but he’s always been untouchable. We never, ever were in the same vicinity of one another unless it had to do with family obligations, and I never really thought we would be—until ninth grade.
He’d been assigned as my Biology lab partner. He sensed my desperation when we were faced with the “dissection” portion of class. He sensed it without my even having to tell him. It’d probably been written all over my face, but in any event, he took pity on me and that was the one and only time I would never bristle when someone pitied me.
He took over, soothing me with his voice while he cut open the nauseating, formaldehyde-drenched insects and frog. Gawd, it’d been disgusting, but disgusting took on a whole new level when we got to the earthworm.
A long, filthy worm. I shudder in remembrance. Apparently I turned a bit greener than I had with any of the other “victims.” Kyle just rubbed my back and told me it’d be all right. I’m not usually such a sissy. I mean, when I used to go fishing with my parents, I put my own worm on the hook, so I don’t know what prompted that reaction.
Maybe it was because I had to inspect the guts of this worm. Maybe it was the smell. Jesus, did that thing smell—like smelly feet combined with ass. I don’t know. All I do know is I’m glad that Kyle Cooper had been my partner because not every guy would’ve let me get by without doing some of the cutting.
Then one day he produced a small jar of Vicks, opened it, put a little on his finger, and rubbed it underneath my nose.
“That should help with the smell,” he said as he closed the jar and tucked it back into his backpack.
That’s when my heart started beating for him. He wasn’t like the rest of them—the rich, preppy jocks. He was kind, caring and sweet.
“I switched a class, so you get me for the rest of the semester.” He gives Ms. Pritchard his best smile and I swear I hear every female in the class sigh. I’m not immune, I feel it as much as the next girl. I just don’t want him to know. What would be the point?
My heart kicks up. I look at Lisa and she looks at me and wiggles her eyebrows and mouths, “Eye candy.”
I don’t smile and I’m glad I don’t because when I look back at Kyle he’s looking right at me. Crap! I look down at my paper and start drawing random shapes again.
“Well, lucky us!” Ms. Pritchard says enthusiastically. Yeah, on top of being hot, popular, the star quarterback, point guard of the basketball team, and prom king, Kyle was also a straight-A student. Teachers loved him extra for that.
“You can take the desk behind Ms. Wilks.”
He turns and smiles in my direction.
“Mia,” he says as he winks at me from the front of the classroom. In front of everyone.
Naturally, I blush, my heart speeds, up and the butterflies start doing some funky dance in my stomach. When I notice the entire class staring I wish I could crawl under my desk and hide. Lisa snickers next to me.
Oh God.
No. No. No. No. No.
It wasn’t as if I wasn’t used to having him in my classes. I could handle the fact that whatever God was out there had it in for me and put him in every single one of my classes the last three semesters—even Home Ec. The only saving grace for me was his last name starts with “C” and mine with “W”. That meant, unless there was an unusual pairing up as had been done in Biology, we’re always on opposite sides of the room—because even if we weren’t seated in alphabetical order, I keep my distance.
I need that distance. From him. I can admit that out loud. He overloads my senses. Not just because he’s gorgeous, but because he smells delicious and more than once I’ve had the urge to lick his skin to see if he tastes as good as he smells. On top of all that, he’s got an amazing personality. He’s not your typical jock. He is—as I said before—sweet and kind and I really, really wish he was mine.
My head is down and I’m still doodling as he walks by and sits in the desk behind me, his scent floating over me. I close my eyes briefly and enjoy the woodsy smell of him.
I hear and feel him lean forward in his desk. He’s close, so close I swear I feel his hands on my hair. I’m grateful I’d worn it down today because having it up, my neck exposed, would have left me feeling naked and pushed me over the edge.
I take a deep, steadying breath when Ms. Pritchard finishes her blather about adverbs. I can do this. I can.
“We’re going to start the semester off with something a little different,” Ms. Pritchard says, going from row to row passing out packets of paper.
I sit waiting for Aaron in front of me to pass back my packet and then… then I have to turn and give one to Coop. The butterflies have come alive again.
I turn and hand the packet to Coop who winks at me and grins that too-sexy grin that makes me melt. I can feel my face flame red and he chuckles as I quickly turn to face forward. I glance at Lisa who is grinning. The traitor. Where’s the sympathy for her BFF? I send her a glare and give her the finger in return and she laughs under her breath.
I tune in just in time to hear Ms. Pritchard tell us that we’re going to be working on a fictional story, we can choose the genre. This totally rocks! I will, of course, be writing a romance or romantic suspense.
“You’ll be working in groups of two. Now let’s see,” she says as she starts going around the room pairing people up. It would be amazing if I’d get Lisa as my partner but from the way she’s pairing people up it looks like I’m going to be paired with—”
“Mr. Cooper and Ms. Wilks.”
My face must reflect my horror and Lisa reaches over and nudges my arm. OhGod,ohGod,ohGod. This can’t be happening. A semester-long project with Kyle Cooper. Fuck my life.
I drop my head to the desk, my forehead hitting it with a thud.
I glance to Lisa who gives me a reassuring smile just as I feel a tug on my hair. I sit up and slowly turn to look at Coop.
“Hey,” he says smiling brightly, “—partner.”
“Hey,” is all I can manage to say.
“So you’re gonna wanna do the chick thing, huh?”
I get lost in his eyes. “Chick thing?”
He smiles that smile again and my heart flutters. I’m barely able to hold back my sigh. He is so completely gorgeous. I just want to lick his lips. Maybe gently tug on the bottom one with my teeth.
“Yeah, romance. The chick thing.”
“Oh,” I reply tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “That was my plan—well, until she said we were partnering,” I say with a wry grin.
“It’s cool. We can do a romantic suspense or something.”
“Really?” I thought for sure he was going to go all macho and insist on writing horror or straight suspense or thriller.
He shrugs. “Sure. So long as there’s murder and mayhem, why not?”
“Um, okay.”
“Do you have any plot ideas?”
“No, not just yet.” Truthfully I’d like to write a fictional story of my dream version of me and Coop. We’d be in a relationship, in love and no one would ever be able to come between us. I sigh and he chuckles.
“Already ‘romancing’ I see.”
I blush and shrug.
“We’ve got a lot to plot out. Age, race, characters, the suspense part, the romance, location…” he trails off and I nod.
“It’s going to be a big project.”
He nods. “We’ll have to hook up outside of school to work on this, probably two or three times a week.”
OhMyGod. I had planned on doing a lot of the work on my own and letting him come in and give his thoughts and changes. I hadn’t planned on him participating. At all.
He must notice the surprise on my face because he tilts his head and asked, “What?”
“Uh, well. I guess I didn’t figure you’d want to put that much effort into it and that’s fine. I don’t mind doing my share of the work.”
His brows furrow and he frowns. “Why would you think that?”
“I don’t know,” I shrug. “I guess I didn’t think you’d have time with all the stuff you’ve got going on.” You know, I think, basketball and Macyn. Only if what Lisa said is true, there is no more Macyn.
“Nah, I make time. I’m not one to slack off on the work. Remember Biology?”
I smile. “Yeah, I remember.”
He grins and my breath catches. Oh God, that grin. For an entire semester. One-on-one. I’m never gonna survive.
“You were so repulsed I thought for sure you were gonna puke right there in the lab.”
“I came pretty close—especially with those worms.” I shudder.
He laughs. “Yeah, you looked pretty green with those.”
I sigh.
“What?” he asks.
“Green is so not my color.”
He laughs again. “Oh, I don’t know. You were pretty cute.”
Cute? Did Kyle Cooper just call me cute? I instantly blush.
“You have your cell on you?”
“What?” I’m still hung up on the cute comment.
“Do you have your cell phone with you?”
“Oh, yeah.” I pull my iPhone out of my back pocket and hold it up.
“I knew it would be pink,” he says just before he reaches for it. I won’t apologize for being a girlie-girl who loves pink. I won’t apologize for the daisy stickers on it either. I’m girlie. People can deal. Every day I wear something that has pink in it. I don’t know why, but I just love the color. Lisa hates it and wouldn’t be caught dead in pink.
Kyle reaches for my phone. I quickly pull it back and hold it against my chest, narrowing my eyes.
“What do you want with it?”
“I’m not going to go through it or anything. I was just going to put my number in so you can text or call whenever you want to hook up.”
My mouth goes dry. Coop’s phone number. In my phone. Holy shit.
I keep my eyes narrowed and slowly hand him the phone and he works it like a pro then I hear a beep. He pulls his nearly identical iPhone out of his back pocket only his is black where mine is pink. He slides his long fingers across the screen.
“There.” He turns his phone toward me. “Now I’ve got your number too.” He wiggles his eyebrows.
“Well, don’t go all stalker on me like Jason DeMarco did last year when we had to work on that Psych project.”
I look at him and note he’s frowning instead of laughing at my, apparently, poor attempt at a joke.
“What the hell? He stalked you?”
I shrug. “I may be exaggerating a bit.”
“She’s not.” This from Lisa, the traitor across the aisle.
“Thank you very much,” I say sarcastically, sending her a glare.
“You’re welcome,” she replies, sweet as can be.
“What happened?” he asks.
I shrug and shake my head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s done and over with.”
“Hmm,” is his only reply. I really don’t want to talk to Coop about douchebag DeMarco and his nonstop texts and phone calls. The nude pictures and—dear God—the videos. The party where he trapped me, forced his tongue down my throat then proceeded to touch me wherever he wanted to while I fought, scratched, and clawed at him. I shudder and shut the memory down, closing my eyes briefly. This isn’t something I want to talk about to him—or anyone—ever.
“Anyway…” I say hoping to change the subject. The bell rings and I breathe a sigh of relief.
He leans forward, his nose nearly touching mine and I barely cover my gasp—barely. My heart speeds up and I can’t look away from his eyes staring directly into mine.
“This isn’t over. You’ll tell me what he did.”
“You think so, huh?” I reply smartly.
He nods. “I do.”
“We’ll see,” is all I say as I grab my books and stand.
“I’ll give you a call tonight after basketball practice and we can figure out a schedule.”
I nod. “Sounds good but I’ll need—” I was about to say my phone when he leans forward, his chest brushing mine, his lips a hair’s breadth away from mine. My eyes widen as I lick my lips. His gaze locks onto the movement as he reaches around me and boldly tucks my phone into my back pocket, my breasts brushing against his chest as he does. My breath catches and I know he hears it. He pauses and looks at me, his eyes now almost black as his gaze sears into mine.
After what feels like an eternity but is really only a matter of seconds, he pulls back straightening to his full height and touches his index finger to the tip of my nose. While the gesture is light and flirty, he doesn’t crack a smile.
“I’ll call you.”
I nod. As he walks away, I pull my books up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them. My eyes still wide. My mouth hanging open. He’s rendered me speechless.
“Wow,” Lisa breathes standing next to me.
I can only stand there and nod. What the hell just happened?
Lisa elbows me and wiggles her eyebrows. “And,” she says saucily, “he’s single.”
“He’s not interested in me like that.”
“Don’t be stupid, Wilks,” Aaron says as he turns and starts walking toward the door. “His eyes dilated and darkened. He’s more than interested.”
“Because you shared that information, again, I won’t cuff you upside the head for the insult.”
He grunts and gives a half-assed wave as he walks out the door.
Lisa smirks. “See? Girl, you’re neither dumb nor blind.”
No, I’m not but… he’s Kyle Cooper and I’m just… me. He is way out of my league.
She nudges my shoulder with hers. “Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.”
“For what?”
Kill me now.