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I have an announcement.

Don’t hurt me, but I’m going to be pushing back the release date of Ballad by a couple of weeks to October 8th. Moving took much more time than I expected and, honestly, we are STILL unpacking and organizing things. It’s insanity.

Also, This book is different. I’ve never written a book like this before, so it’s challenging and I want to get it right. I refuse to put out a book that is shitty just for the sake of meeting a date. I’d rather push back that release date and give you the book you deserve.

If you are planning on yelling at me, all PMs should be directed to Janelle. LMAO KIDDING!!!

Thanks for understanding.
Anne xoxo



11 responses to “**ANNOUNCEMENT**

    • Thank you so much, Lisa. It’s just that this book is kicking my ass. No lie. It’s got a love triangle, the hero and heroine having sex with other people, and Ben and Nicole are giving me fits… I’m twitching because this is normally not what I write! <3 I hope you like it!

      • Carmen

        You write, I read. You are one of my 5 favorite authors, I read everything you write. Things aren’t always straight up, curves add spice to life.

  1. louise

    Don’t mind WAITING as long as it is worth it, eagerly awaited book 4 to come out and was extremely disappointed, hope that this book will return to the standard of the first three.

  2. Rowan

    is there a way to be informed of the release? By then I would have read about 10-12 books and have completely forgotten I was waiting for Ballad…

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