11 responses to “BALLAD (ROCKSTAR #5)

  1. Jessica

    Hey Anne I just finished the series for about the 8th time but was wondering are you still thinking early nov for ballad thanks your big fan Jessica can’t wait to read the others

  2. Carey Rawlings

    I don’t know if this makes me sad or not but am I the only one coming to this site everyday to see when this darn book comes out. Please drop me a bone I’m begging you.

    • I don’t have a set date… all I can say is this month… then a couple weeks after that will be Lullabye (novella) about the babies… and A Very Xander Christmas 2… all before Christmas. Patience lovelies <3

  3. Brenda

    Omg I can’t wait. Super excited for Ballad’s upcoming release. I will check again in a few weeks. Love these characters. Xander is something else. I sure hope when his story comes to pass that his “lady” is going to be worthy .. ; )
    Keep em coming… Love your books

  4. Rachel pugh

    I am trying to be the 34 year adult that I am and be patient but it’s too hard! Lol! I am as blessed with these books as I am with. 50 shades of grey they are so good and I love ALL the characters! Can’t wait for ballad! Thank you for sharing them with the world!

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