Best PA Nomination

Posted June 3, 2015 by Anne Mercier in 2015, Anne Mercier, PA / 0 Comments

Janelle is the best PA ever. For real. Not just because she makes me homemade fudge and cookies (she just sent me about 4-5 dozen snickerdoodles!!!) but because she puts up with me. I’m not the easiest person sometimes. I can be demanding and I like things to be done a certain way… and she’s cool with it. She never complains. Ever. Even when she gets shit jobs to do for me… not one complaint.

This is why I’m going to ask you to take a minute or two to cast a vote for Janelle Schindler​. She’s up for Best PA and I swear on everything I am she deserves to win this award. So, I’d be super grateful if you could take the time to put a checkmark in the box.

Thank you all so much!
Anne xoxo

Vote here.



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