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Hey all!

The last quiz I did was super successful and brought some categories and questions to light I’d like to include, so I’m asking for a do-over.

I’m hoping you’ll participate.

It’s about which romance books you MUST. HAVE. NOW.
1. Heat level
2. Authors
3. Types
4. How you decide
5. Prices
6. Reviews

It’s all anonymous <3

Thanks for participating–again! https://goo.gl/forms/mqQfYK2v9mxJ6xOb2




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I’m going to be giving away a lot of my Rockstar books (not the renumbered ones)–I have a couple Blush first edition and I think one Amplify… a few second covers… and some third. (The renumbered ones are the fourth and not part of the giveaway. They look the same as the third, just renumbered.)

I’ll also be giving away some tshirts I found in my stash!

AND… I’ll also be giving away swag… lipbalm, bookmarks, etc.

All you have to do to enter is fill out the form below (if you haven’t already). Simple as that. If you’ve filled it out already, you don’t need to again unless you need to update your information!! I’ll choose randomly over the next few weeks.

United States https://goo.gl/BJbEJQ

International https://goo.gl/DPZ9l2



Book Availability

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I wasn’t going to go into details, but I had a lot of private messages regarding the fact that Amazon has suspended my author account, thus my books are unavailable for purchase. I wanted to let you know I am doing whatever I can to make them available to you as soon as possible. I will, however, be pulling my books from Kindle Unlimited as soon as the three month term is up.

I’ll keep you updated but, for now, you can you can find out about everything here. https://www.facebook.com/anne.mercier24/videos/1809016882489017/



Updating and organizing

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I’ve decided to renumber the Rockstar series so there are no .5’s as they don’t show up on Amazon’s series page and a lot of people miss those books and then are confused about a thing or two they feel they missed along the way.

So, I spent the day updating all the information in every single Rockstar book, updating Goodreads, calling on my favorite GR Librarian and awesome friend Crystal Gray to update all the shit (and omg there was so much! I owe her HUGE!!!). Then I went over to Amazon and uploaded all the updated books and covers–that takes quite a lot of time! I also emailed the Zon to update my series sequence and HOPEFULLY soon, VERY soon, it’ll all be organized. Until then, it’s going to grind on my nerves … but I’m so tired. I’m going to bed. Yes. 9:15 pm on a Saturday night. I’m a rebel, a true party animal. *snort* Adulting is hard.

Tomorrow I’ll work on updating my Facebook and Twitter banners with the newly numbered covers and then get back to working on Xander: Book 2. I won’t say a date yet, but I have a very special one for my goal… I’ll let you know as soon as I type “The End” and zip it off to Nicole Bailey for her to work her awesomeness. <3
To those who are without power, I hope you’re all safe and warm in the midst of the crazy storminess going on. Keep in touch, please.
Goodnight, friends! Mwah!

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Memphis by Ginger Scott Is LIVE!

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HAVE YOU SEEN??? Memphis by the lovely Ginger Scott is LIVE!!! One-clickery! MUST. READ.

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU
Amazon CA

Google Play

My mom always said it was just something about the way he moved.

The same swagger Archie Valentine wore in the ring when he took his opponents down followed him like a halo everywhere he went. But make no mistake about it—he was no angel. He was like a drug. My mother was his addict.

I never understood it…how love could make you blind and convince you to drink the poison. Not until I met Memphis Delaney.

At first, it was the familiar form. He’s a fighter, built like a god from the past, the kind of man the universe doesn’t make anymore. His eyes hide a story, and every time I’m in his presence I want to keep reading him until I get to the end. And then…there’s the way he moves. His boxing is violent but beautiful, and his body is a seductive weapon. When he’s in the ring, he wears the stare of a man committed to the battle until his very last breath.

He could end me; turn me into her. Too much of him will leave me as a shadow, and I’ve lost so much of myself already.

But I have discipline. It came the hard way. Lessons learned, scars left behind, and trust stripped away from life.

I will breathe his air, but I won’t fall for a man like him. The only boxer who’s ever going to break my heart is the one who gave me my name.




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My PA and I have been working hard at making many necessary information updates throughout the website, to include a new Books pages, my stalker (follow me) links on the sidebar, updated playlists for the Rockstar series. We’re–well, Melissa is going to be working on making YouTube playlists and links just in case you don’t have Spotify.

I’m also working on Xander Book 2, slowly but surely.  It’ll likely be the same length as book 1–which I think works out perfect.

2018 is packed with lots of work, updates, and books. I’m not sure which book I’ll write after Xan 2, but I WILL tell you I have a new series coming out this year. It’s going to replace the Truths series (Mature Young Adult). I’ll be editing Whispered Truths to “fit” into this series by tweaking and adding a bit. I’m also going to, eventually, be putting Whispered Truths out there for 99¢ so you can have it as a keepsake. I’m also going to, eventually, see if I can work out a way where you can purchase the paperback book from Createspace at cost, or as close to cost as possible as sort of a memorial to the book. All is not lost! Myah and Kyle will continue their journey, only it’ll be in a reworked version of Whispered Truths titled Radiant Rivals (Rivals #1) – Mature Young Adult.  I also have plans for a 2nd book to come out this year titled Relative Rivals (Rivals #2).  I’m verexcited to start these books. I also will be writing a standalone titled The Last Mistress – Contemporary erotic romance. I don’t have the blurb worked out yet. I keep telling a summary of the story when I write it and that is so lame. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

PLANNED BOOKS – any and all dates are tentative and subject to change.

ALSO, I’ll be attending a book signing in Austin in May!  Here’s the information!
For The Love of books and Austin MAY 12 AUSTIN, TX

I’ll also be attending:
Coffee, Chocolate, and Books, Oh My! September 7 & 8 in Hershey, PA!

I hope I didn’t forget anything because it’s likely you won’t hear from me again until it’s close to Xander’s release! I hope you’re making 2018 your bitch!

Thank you for your continued support and love of the books!  It means the world to me!

Hugs and love,
Anne xoxo

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