The Rockstar Interviews

Jesse’s Interview With Obsessed By Books
Jesse walks in with a swagger and takes a seat, giving the ladies a smile and wink in greeting.

How are things with the band?
Good, real good. We’re just about done with a new record. It’s pretty old school for us. Heavier and full of all the sh—stuff that makes Falling Down, Falling Down. Sorry. I almost swore there. I’m almost out of singles again.

How’s life with the Kingston clan?
Jesse smiles and his eyes shine with happiness. Amazing. I love being a dad and a husband. Every second of it is a challenge, but it’s worth it. I won’t lie, when we found out there were not three babies but four? I damn near passed out. My vision blurred and there was this buzzing in my ears. It was rough with four babies, but we had a lot of help—especially Xander. He was always stealing at least one baby, usually two, just because he loves them. Jesse shakes his head. I love that guy.

Is Lucy still a spitfire?
“Hell yeah. She’s as feisty as ever and I love it. She gives as good as she gets and that’s a hell of a turn on. Then you see that soft side of her when she takes care of everyone—and I do mean everyone. She’s incredible. I’m one lucky fucker.” Jesse tosses two, one-dollar bills on the table. “Swear Jar.”

Is Lucy and your romance still hot as ever?
He smirks. “I’m not one to kiss and tell and Lucy might kick my ass for this, but oh yeah. There’s no putting out that fire that burns between us. I touch her as often as I can—not just sexually but, you know, those casual touches. She started that and I love it. But when we’re between the sheets—or wherever we can find privacy—it’s always as good as the first time. No, it’s better. A hell of a lot better. So hot.” He gets this far off look in his eye.

Are you ready for your kids to find love?
“Hell no. No. I am not ready for that at all. I don’t know if I ever will be. The boys, I’m going to try to raise them to be different from how I was. I don’t want them to be afraid of commitment or love. Now, that’s not to say I’m going to raise them to be pussies, because I can’t imagine any Kingston man to be like that. I think there’s a dominant gene somewhere in there. And Keirah.” He shakes his head and grits his teeth. “I’m gonna hate it, but she’s just like her mama. She’s a spitfire and I know she can handle anything any boy throws at her.” He grins now. “In fact, I’m looking forward to it.”

If so what type of guy do you want for your princess?
“Someone better than me. Someone who won’t be afraid to love her. Someone who will accept her as she is. Honestly, I don’t think she’ll accept anything less. She really is like her mama. I’m going to have such a hard time with this shit.” He runs a hand through his hair. “They’re not even two and I’m going to have a nervous breakdown thinking of them as teenagers. Holy fuck. Four teenagers.” He scrubs his hands over his face then tosses two more dollars on the table. “I’ll be gray or bald by the time I’m forty.” He winces. “I need a drink,” he says, standing up. “Thanks for having me here ladies. Anytime you want one of us to stop by, just say the word.” With a wink, he saunters back out the door.

Jake Ingrassia aka the Blush Boy Interviews with Leah Wilderotter of The Princesses of Reading Interview
Hi everyone! Today I will be doing something different on my blog. I was lucky enough to get to do a character Interview with someone from the Rockstar series by Anne Mercier. If you have not read any books by this author before you should go check out her books they are amazing. I know that everyone out there is sad that Xander did not come out last week but Anne needs to focus on her health right now. So to cheer everybody up here is an interview with one of the Blush Babies: Jake Ingrassia!!!!

Leah: Thank you for coming out and talking with me today. I am excited to get to know you better just like everyone else must be as well.
Jake: Thank you for having.

L: Congrats on becoming a Blush Baby. What was it like meeting the band?
J: Meeting Falling Down and Blush was awesome. They’re so cool and just regular guys. I wasn’t expecting them to be so normal.

L: How has your life changed since becoming part of the Blush campaign?
J: The only thing that’s changed is I have the money to pay for college without having to get loans. Other than that, not much has changed. Every now and again someone will recognize me.

L: What made you apply to become a part of the Blush campaign?
J: It seemed fun. I really liked Blush and their sound so when it came out about the campaign, I threw my name in. The money and college were big factors as well.

L: What have you done since becoming the Blush Baby?
J: I’m in college, studying to become an actor. I’d like to be on the big screen someday.

L: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you since becoming a part of this project?
J: The girls. The girls throwing themselves at me, lifting their tops and flashing me. That doesn’t go over well with my girl, but she’s a good sport about it. Do those girls think I’d go for someone like that? Someone with so little respect for themselves? Man, I’m really no fun, am I?

L: What do you like to do for fun?
J: Hang out with my girlfriend. I’m in the plays we put on at school so that takes up a lot of my extra time. I occasionally go to parties. Usual college kid stuff, I guess.

L: Have you always been a fan of this type of music?
J: Heck yes. I love rock music. Don’t get me wrong, I like pop as well, but rock is my go-to. Always.

L: Since you could not go on tour with the band, did you get to go to any of their shows?
J: Yes, I went to a couple of the shows. My mom’s pretty strict but once I turned 18 she couldn’t stop me from going to see them live.

L: Was it weird seeing your face on billboards?
J: Yeah, very weird. I still see myself up there from time to time and it seems surreal. When people see me near the billboards and point, that’s just craziness.

L: What has been the best part of this whole experience?
J: Not having to worry about finances. Becoming friends with Lucy, Sera, Jace, Meggie, and Trace. They truly are my friends and I feel very lucky to have met them.

L: I feel like I got to know you a little bit better now. I think the fans will enjoy getting to know you a little bit better as well. Thank you for letting me interview you and good luck with collage.
J: Thank you for having me.

Well there you have guy. We now know a little bit more about Jake. I hope this can hold you over till Xander is released. I have a couple of other interviews lined up with other characters from the Rockstar Series. So check back often. If there is anyone else you would like me to interview let me know in the comments. Otherwise, never stop reading.

Kennedy’s Interview with Leah Wilderotter of The Princesses of Reading
So today I got to interview one of my favorite character from the RockStar series by Anne Mercier. I was super excited when I got the opportunity to interview this rockstar. This rockstar should not need an introduction but I will give you some hints. He is quiet, smart, and super sexy. Can you guess who it is Kennedy Caldwell!!! Let’s jump into this interview

Leah: Did you always like music or would you like to do something different?
Kennedy: I’ve always loved music. I remember air guitaring a lot until I got my first real one from my neighbor. He taught me how to play.

L: What is it like working with Blush?
K: Amazing. It’s like they’ve always been with us, you know? They just fit.

L: Since you have become a celebrity, who is the best and worst person that you have met?
K: The best person I’ve met is Cage. He may venture into the darkness but he’s always there for everyone, no matter what. The worst person I’ve ever met was this chick I hooked up with after a show a couple years ago. I didn’t know she was fucked up on drugs until I already banged her. Then she thought because we fucked, it meant I wanted her with me. When the bus took off, she chased us. She showed up at the next two shows and then I got a restraining order. I’m glad that only happened once.

L: (I am laughing.) Well if that was me I would not want that to happen to me. How do you feel about having connections to the mob?
K: I hope I never fuck up. Kennedy chuckles. I guess I’m cool with it. It doesn’t really touch us since there’s so much security around now. I just want Lucy and Sera to be safe. That’s what worries me most.

L: Aww. That is so sweet. Out of all the guys in the band, who are you the closest with and why?
K: I have to say Ethan. He comes to me with his private shit and I share mine with him in return. I think it’s because we’re both pretty quiet and don’t want the attention.

L: I can’t picture Ethan as quite but ok next question. You are a very quiet person, what are you thinking about?
K: I think about a lot of shit. I think about how fucked up the world is right now, I think about how fucking awesome our family is, and everything in between. There’s no telling what’s gonna pop into my mind next.

L: You had an eventful past, how has that shaped you today?
K: This is a hard question. I guess it keeps me clear from hard drugs and people who do them. It makes it easier to see someone who’s strung out and know what they’re capable of. Because of things that have happened, I like to be in control of myself and my situation. You’ll see what I mean when Anne tells my story.

L: If you could give some advice to a person that was going through what you went through in the past, what would it be?
K: Kennedy leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. Tell someone what’s happening. The ones threatening you if you tell, can’t hurt you. Make it so they can never hurt you again. Tell. Someone. Now.

L: Since you are quiet, how do you handle living in Casa Falling Down?
K: I love the chaos, I just don’t actively participate all the time—though with Xander around, he tends to pull everyone in.

L: I can see that. How do you handle the pressure of being a musician?
K: When we first started out, it was overwhelming for all of us. Then all the touring started and we started to forget who we were for a while. But because there are five of us, someone always pushed us back on the right track. Now we’re pretty used to things and how everything works, so I just take it as it comes. One step at a time. We can’t get the music out any faster than what we do, and if we don’t want to, we don’t have to. We know, now, it’s up to us.

L: Do you ever want kids?
K: Not really. If it were to happen, I’d be cool with it but I won’t actively try to have kids. I think there are enough kids around her to keep the need for kids satisfied, don’t you? Kennedy chuckles.

L: Is there a significant other in your life?
K: Nope. I’m single.

L: Last question I promise. Do you have any tats? If so what was your first one?
K: Yep. I’ve got a lot of tats. My first one was the band logo. All of us got it together before we went out on our first tour.

L: Thank you for sitting down with me for this interview. I look forward to your new album.
K: Thank you for having me.

Well, you heard it here ladies, Kennedy is single but who knows for how long. I think we learned some new info about this sexy guitarist. Let me know in the comments who you would like an interview from next. I also did an interview with Jake Ingrassia. That link will be below. Check it out. I have another interview coming soon. Keep on reading.

Trace Styx Interview with Leah Wilderotter of The Princesses of Reading

Hi everyone. Since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to give back to all of the readers out there who are a fan. Books are my passion and I am so fortunate that I have the opportunity to turn this passion into a career. Never give up on want you went. With that said let me introduce the Rockstar that I will be interviewing. He is a drummer and in this little band called Blush. Can you guess who it is? That’s right it is Trace Styx!

Leah: Thank you for taking time out of you day for this interview.
Trace: The pleasure is all mine.

*Such a flirt*
Leah: Out of all the instruments, what led you to like drums the best? If you could pick any other
instrument to play what would it be?
Trace: When I was little, I was always banging on pots and pans with wooden spoons. My mom thought it helped me get out my aggression or anger, so she got me my first drum set. The rest is history, as they say. Other instrument… well, I can play the piano/keyboards. I guess I’d like to learn to play the sax or get better with the guitar.

L: What is your favorite and worst celebrity that you have meet?
T: Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. She is hella crazy and so much fun. Her brother too.

L: If you were not a musician, what would you be?
T: Hell, I don’t know. All I’ve ever wanted to be was a musician. Underground fighter maybe.

L: Out of all the girls in the world, what made Meggie stand out to you?
T: Her personality. She doesn’t hide what she’s feeling and she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. I love that she’s so real. On top of that she’s smokin’ hot.

L: What is your favorite thing about Meggie?
T: Her bounce when she’s happy. It’s like she just can’t keep that much happiness contained in her tiny body. It’s cute.

L: Is Meggie the one?
T: Yeah, she is.

L: The fans what to know the answer to this so don’t kill me. I know that you were in a band before but if they asked you to come back would you?
T: No. Without question, no. They screwed up so big when they let drugs take over and edge out the music. I don’t want to be around anyone like that and I know Blush will never go in that direction.

L: What is your favorite part about working in Blush?
T: Everyone participates when writing songs—both the lyrics and the music. We didn’t do that in my last band.

L: What is your favorite thing to do in you down time?
T: Bang Meggie. Trace chuckles. She’s going to hit me for that. We go hiking, to the beach. We’re usually pretty active. I guess I should have just said spending time with Meggie.

L: What is it like living in Casa Falling Down?
T: Meggie and I have our own place. We’re the only ones other than Sera and Cage. I don’t think I could live there 24/7. Way too much chaos and I like my privacy.

L: What is the worst part about being a musician?
T: The tour buses. They can be luxurious and top of the line, but they’re cramped and you have zero privacy. After a show, everyone’s sweaty and fighting for the shower. So, yeah. The bus.

L: How do you handle the pressure of being a musician?
T: I just go with it. I’ve never really given it any thought. I just go out there to play music. Yeah, we get those crazy fans who come up to you in the middle of a tattoo or haircut and ask for an autograph, but I’d have done the same thing when I was a kid if I’d seen a musician I liked.

L: What was your first tat? Where and when?
T: My first tat was this one here on my right upper arm of the skulls. I was 17 when I got that one.

L: Were you as shocked as the girls were when you found out that Xander was married?
T: Not really. I knew there was something going on with the guy that no one else knew or talked about. Now it’s a matter of finding out just what the hell happened there. I’m sure it’s going to be something big.

L: Thank you again for coming today and Happy Thanksgiving.
T: Thank you for having me and you too.

That was intense but very informative as well. I am excited that I got to interview Trace. If you want me to do a follow up with Trace or an interview with other Rockstar characters let me know in the comments. If you missed the other interviews that I did the link for them will be below. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Jesse’s Interview with 2 Chicks and a Book

Jesse strides in with his usual swagger and takes a seat. He looks at the ladies with his signature half smile.

Thank you for being apart of this interview. I’m Melissa with 2 Chicks and a Book and we love y’all over here. Lol man I’m fangirling so hard. Ok so to the good stuff.

“I’m all about the good stuff,” Jesse teases with a wink.
1. So the big question we all want to know how are Lucy and you doing? We love your love story.
“Me and Lucy? We’re doing great. Really great, actually.” He smiles, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees. “She gets me and I get her, you know? It makes it easy—she makes it easy. She’s easy to love. I love her like nothing else in this world.”
2. We love our music here too. If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?
“Wow, that’s a tough question. There are so many I’d love to work with.” Jesse pauses to think about this, leaning back in his seat. “I know Lucy would want me to say M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold. She seriously has the hots for that guy. I just don’t see it. Anyway, Metallica. Definitely Metallica. We’d rock out so fucking hard. Oh, shit, am I allowed to swear?” He reaches in his pocket and puts three dollars on the table. “Swear jar.”
3. Anything in the works for the future with Falling Down?
He nods. “Definitely. There’s always something going on. We’re finishing up a new album so we’ll be touring again before too long. We’ve collaborated on a song or two with Blush and another with Burners.” He leans forward with a smirk. “I enjoy working with Lucian Cordero so much more now that Ben is married to Coley. I get to watch my baby brother grit his teeth when Lucian and Justin give him shit about the night Lucian spent with Coley. That’s some fucking funny shit.” He puts another three dollars on the table.
4. Any funny stories from the road?
He laughs. “We tour with Xander, what do you think? When we first started touring, he’d do that whole iPod shit with rock music—new and classic—as well as some 80s. That was cool. The guys would grab their guitars or whatever and we’d just sing along. It’s kinda corny, but it beat the hell out of listening to the sound of the bus rolling down the highway, you know? But now,” he shakes his head, “he plays the craziest shit and dances like an idiot. Sometimes I swear he’s doing it to get a rise out of us, though lately I think Cage is his main target.” Jesse chuckles. “He might want to watch himself. Cage is one hell of a shot and he always carries a gun. Plus, with his connections, no one would ever find the body.” He puts another dollar on the table.
5. So we are bloggers and we were curious what are your favorite books to read? Authors? We love Anne Mercier 🙂
“Anne’s the whole reason I’m here today. Thanks for having me, by the way. Personally, I never used to read unless it was an artist biography. I mean, I focused only on music really, but now, I like thrillers and shit like that. Lucy and Sera have had us listening to them read Tijan, Ginger Scott, and Harper Bentley while we’ve been getting tats. Harley loves that shit. He and Xander have started their own book club.” He shakes his head. “They read many of the authors that Lucy and Sera like. I can get you names if you want.” He throws two more dollars on the table.
6. Any words of advice to upcoming artists?
He nods. “Play from the heart. Play what you want to play. Don’t sell out to try and make a quick buck. You’ll regret it and probably hate yourself a little as time goes on. Always be true to yourself, your band, and your music. And don’t give up. You never know when the wind’s gonna change direction and start blowing luck your way.”
Thank you so much again. We appreciate it so much and maybe next time we can have the rest of Falling Down.

“Thanks for having me. I’m sure the guys would be up for an interview anytime. Just let us know.”

Xander walks in. “I heard you, dude. You were talking shit about me again. What the fuck?”
“Dude, this is my interview. What the hell are you doing here?” Jesse asks.
“I knew you’d talk smack. Admit it, you like when I entertain you. You know you do,” Xan says, pushing on Jesse’s shoulder.
Jesse lifts a brow and looks at the hand on his shoulder. “You better watch yourself or Cage isn’t the only one who you’ll need to be afraid of—and I only live a few hundred feet away.”
Xan rolls his eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go. Lucy wants us to stop at In & Out Burger on the way home.”
Jesse freezes in place. “What?”
Xan nods, head bobbing up and down. “She said she’s in the mood for a big greasy burger.”
“Xan,” Jesse says, panic in his voice.
“What?” He looks at Jesse then lifts his brows, his eyes wide. “Ooohhh. No. You think so?”
Jesse blows out a breath and runs his hand through his hair. “That’s what she craved when she was pregnant last time.”

He pulls out his phone and dials. “Hey, Cupcake.” Pause. “Yeah, we just finished.” Pause. “Yep, it went great.” Pause. “Absolutely, they’re awesome. You’d like them,” he says, his eyes roving over to where Melissa is standing. “So, uh, Xan stopped by.” Pause. He looks at the ladies with a sidelong glance then whispers, “Are you pregnant?” He barely finishes the question and he quickly pulls the phone away from his ear. Lucy can be heard screaming at him from across the room.

“That’d be a ‘no’,” Xander says and starts laughing.
Jesse lets out a breath of relief. He looks at the ladies sheepishly. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, I just think any more would make me certifiably insane.” Xander laughs as he walks out the door. “Keep laughing dude, your turn is coming.”
“I’m not even worried. I’d have ten kids if Tera’d agree.”
“You’re nuts,” Jesse says as he closes the door behind him.

Xander’s Interview with 2 Chicks and a Book

Good afternoon Xander. Thank you for sitting down with us. I know with Jesse’s interview we caught a glimpse of you. I am Melissa and this is Kat we are with 2 Chicks and a Book. Also joining us today is Katie our PA and my baby sister.

Xander grins and lays on the charm. “Hello ladies.”

First off, thank you again for being here with us. So let’s get right to it boxers or briefs? ha ha just kidding seriously how does it feel to be a part of a band that is amazing?

“Boxer briefs.” Xander winks. “Being part of Falling Down is a dream come true. I knew we were good when we were kids. I knew when people saw us they’d see it too. So, here we are, rockin’ the stages in front of thousands of fans. Best feeling in the world.”

As we asked Jesse we gotta know, any one artist that you could work with professionally who would it be? Alive or dead. “Dude, that’s tough.” He pauses to think then snaps his fingers. “Prince. I’d have loved to have rocked out with Prince.” He gets up and does a spin. “You know, Little Red Corvette. 1999. Darling Nikki.” He wiggles his brows at that last one. “Oh yeah, that would’ve been killer.”

Any funny or strange fan encounters? Besides Katie and her fogging the windows on the bus doors. Sorry about that. (Katie interrupts to call Melissa an ass)
“Hey, hey, it’s all good. Steam those windows up, doll. I love that shit. Next time write me a message. Make it sexy,” Xan winks at Katie.

“All kinds of strange fan encounters but there’s this one that stands out the most. It was a dude. He was VIP so backstage after the show. He wouldn’t leave my side. It was like he was fucking glued to me or something. I had to go to the restroom and the dude was gonna follow. There’s a lot of shit I’ll put up with, but someone following me while I take a piss isn’t one of them. Who knows what he had in mind. I had security remove him when he kept trying to get in after I locked the door.” He bobs his head up and down. “For real, that happened. Did he want a sample so he could clone me? Now that would be epic. Then again, I don’t think the world could handle more than one Xan Man.”

What is your advice for upcoming artists? “Give it all you’ve got and then some more. You’re not going to make it in this business unless you play it from the heart. No one can do it for you and no one will. It’s all on you. If your bandmates aren’t giving their all, find new ones. You need members who have the same love of music and need inside, the need to not only be on the radio, but to rock out the audiences. Seeing the fans out there jamming to our tunes and singing the songs word for word? Killer.”

Is Cage as intimidating as he looks? Kat and I said one look and we would confess to sins we didn’t commit LOL.
Xan shifts in his chair. “He can be. If he gives you the look,” he shudders, “that look will have you dribbling a little. No lie. And if he ever points a gun at you like he did me? You’d probably pass out. I swallowed down that fear because I know that Cage Dude loves me. He can say he’s annoyed when I dance and sing for him, but he digs it.”

Since we are bloggers, any authors you love? Books you couldn’t put down? Jesse spoke of your book club with Harley. “Oh yeah. Absolutely. Harley and I have been reading some epic books. We read, of course, Tijan, Ginger Scott, and Harper Bentley. I snuck a peek at what Anne’s got on her Kindle and I saw a bunch of Katy Evans. I’d love to meet Saint—or as Anne calls him, Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint. He’s the shit. I never miss a Penelope Douglas book, or Penelope Ward for that matter. Tera’s got every Nora Roberts hardcover or paperback on her shelf including the JD Robb series. I like the In Death series. But I’m not going to lie. Harley and I look for the dirtier books sometimes. You know, MS Parker and Alexa Riley. Damn, those chicks are dirty.” He blows out a breath. “If you want to know more of the authors, I can make you a list. There’s a lot. We found a lot from Sera and Lucy’s Kindles.”

“Off the record,” he begins, “some of those books get me super horny. I mean, it’s like porn but with words. It’s hot as fuck.”

You have this huge fan base as we can them XanMan Fans. Is there anything you want to tell them? “I’m flattered. I’m just a guy,” he says with a shrug. “I want to thank them for their support. I also want to thank them for their love of music and dancing. I know what draws them in,” he says with a smirk. “It’s the way I shake my hips and work my bod.” His head bobs up and down. “It’s all good. Who can blame you? I’m fucking hot.”

I could talk to you for hours, but I know how busy you all are. Thank you again Xander. You have been a blast to interview and maybe next time we can get the whole band in. We hope you have a great day and thank you again!

“Ladies, thanks for having me here. I’m happy to stop by anytime. The whole band together?” he grins. “That’d be fun. I’m sure they’d be up for it any time.”
Xan walks over and hugs each of the ladies and kisses them on the cheek. “See ya,” he says and strolls out the door.

Lucy’s Interview With Kayla
Hi Kayla! Thanks for interviewing me!

Do you have any regrets?
Lucy: I don’t have any regrets, just lessons learned—some learned the hard way.

What is something no one knows about you and why do you keep it a secret? What would happen if anyone found out about it?
Lucy: Well, my nana knows everything, but she’s the only one who knows how strong my ‘mojo’ is. I just don’t want to use it unless I have to. My nana does and sometimes I feel like she invades the privacy of others because she doesn’t set up the boundaries I do. I don’t think anything bad would happen if anyone found out… Jesse might get pale and look like he’s going to be sick *laughs * but he’d get over it.

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Lucy: If I can, I like to dance in the rain when it first starts falling. I love that smell! Otherwise, I like to read on the balcony off of our room when the babies are down for their nap. There’s just enough overhang I don’t get wet.

What is your favorite possession and why?
Lucy: I’d say Jesse, but he’s not a possession. A cameo locket my aunt Lily gave me when I was little. I wasn’t allowed to wear it until I was old enough not to lose it—per Mama’s rules. It’s not the typical blue, but more of a pinkish and I have photos of Aunt Lily and Uncle Tommy inside. I wish I’d had more time with them.

What do you like most about where she lives and the least?
Lucy: I love the California sun. I love the drier heat—though I could do without triple digits. The thing I like least is when it rains, it causes so many problems—because I love the rain, too, and I wish we could have more of it.

You can cure one disease. Which one would you cure?
Lucy: Cancer—all forms of it. I hate it. I hate that it can take anyone from you at any time and there’s nothing a person can do about it.

Thank you so much for having me, Kayla! It was fun.

Rockstars Interview

Hi guys! I’m really excited to have you all here, thank you for making the time for me, how are you guys doing today?? Lucy smiles. “We’re great. Thanks for having us.”

I’m really excited to just pick your brains a bit and just get to know your guys more on a personal level. So let’s begin shall we?

How do you guys like having the kids around? Lucy and Jesse look at the others. Kennedy shrugs. “I do. They’re entertaining.” Ethan nods. “They keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.”

Who is the baby whisperer in the group? Jesse chuckles. “Xander, hands down. I don’t know how he does it, but he can get the kids to behave or stop crying with just a few words.” Jesse shakes his head.

Who do the kids gravitate to? Lucy smirks. “Xander, again. Probably because he’s so silly with them.” Xander grins. “Hell yes, I am.”

Is Miss Kierah still using nana Russos mojo ?? Lucy frowns now. “No. Nana did something to suppress the mojo until she’s old enough to use it properly… you know, not against her mother.” Jesse rubs Lucy’s back.

What are the babies personalities like?? “Outgoing. They each have their own interests and mannerisms,” Jesse answers.

Do they get along? “For the most part,” Jesse begins, “Unless they’re fighting over a toy or something. There is nothing fun about when they fight,” Lucy shudders.

Out of the boys, who is the mama’s boy?? “Konnor,” Lucy begins. “Definitely Konnor. He’s also the most sensitive out of them all.”

Who spoils the kids the most? Everyone turns to Xander and at the same time says, “Xander.” Xander laughs.

Jace & Summer how is the wedding planning going ? Summer groans. “Don’t get me started. I’ve decided to just hand it over to Mama Russo since she guilts me into changing things to her liking, so she can just plan it all.” Jace winces.

Is Kadi still dancing? “Yep. She’s something else. I love that she takes after her mom in that sense. I can’t imagine her ever not dancing,” Jace replies.

Am I crazy or do all the kids names start with K? Aha. They all look at each other. “Jesse and I kind of planned it that way,” Lucy says. “Kadi was just an added bonus.” Everyone mutters their agreement.

Cage and Sera how are you guys? “We’re good,” Sera replies.
I just have to know, are we expecting a Nichols baby any time soon? Sera looks at Cage who looks at her. She smirks. “We’re not rushing. If it happens, it happens. There’s no timeline.”

How’s the married life treating you? Sera nudges Cage. “Good.” Sera rolls her eyes. “Perfect. We’re not just husband and wife, we’re also best friends. I trust him with my life and I know he trusts me with his.”

What are you guys favorite things to do? “When we get time away from work and la Famiglia, we like to watch movies or read books. Something quiet and private with just the two of us,” Sera answers.

Xander and Tera you guys are absolutely beautiful together. It’s nice seeing Xander smile a real smile. What’s going on with you guys? “We’re working it all out,” Tera replies. “It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll get there.”

Tera, how are you getting along with the other women in this big family? “I think pretty well. I didn’t wait. When I got there, I knew they were going to be upset. So after Xander told them his part of things, I immediately told them mine. I believe it’s better to play it straight and lay it all out there, then they can draw their own conclusions,” Tera replies.

Name a song that represents your relationship. “A Thousand Years by Christina Perri,” Xander answers without hesitation. Tera nods her agreement. “It fits us perfectly.”

Jesse and Lucy what’s a normal day with the babies in CFD like? Lucy laughs. “Craziness. Chaos. Insanity. But I love every minute of it.”

Lucy, do you still get overwhelmed ? “Yes,” she admits. “Sometimes I feel like I need six more arms and even then it wouldn’t be enough. Going from no children to four has taken a while to adjust to, and as they grow older and learn new things, we have to adjust again.” Lucy looks at Jesse who gently squeezes her hand. “We just do our best to be the best parents we can be.”

Jesse when Lucy gets into one of her moods what do you to help her feel better? “I just hold her and listen, try and soothe her as best as I can. I remind her she’s not the only one who gets overwhelmed, and that’s why we need to lean on one another. I don’t want her to feel she has to take all of that on by herself. If holding her doesn’t work, I fuck her until she can’t think anymore. That usually works,” Jesse smirks and Lucy laughs.

Meg and Trace can we expect a wedding soon? Trace looks panicked. “Uh…” I’m just kidding no pressure! Trace visibly relaxes.

How do you guys spend your days when you’re not doing anything band related? Hiking, Hanging at the beach. Swimming. Go to the gym. Shooting at the range so one day I can show up Sera,” Meggie teases. “Some days we just do nothing.”

Ben and Coley, It’s so lovely to see you both, especially Nicole. How are you feeling? Nicole smiles. “I’m feeling well. My blood work keeps coming back in the good ranges and that alone is a reason to smile.”

What’s been going on with the both of you? “We’re looking into adopting two children. They’re brother and sister and their lives haven’t been good. You’ll find out more as soon as we know more,” Ben explains.

If you guys could live anywhere, where would it be and why? “Right where we are. I can’t imagine not being around family,” Nicole admits. “I lived without much family my entire life. Our home is full of love and fun. It’s a great place to live.”

So we got through the couples, and boy did I not realize how many couples we have aha, okay so that leaves Kennedy and Ethan. Ethan and Kennedy look at one another.

How are you guys doing being the only bachelors left ? Aha
“I think if Lucy could marry us off, she would,” Kennedy says. “She tries to match make but it doesn’t work. She has no idea what our types are.”

Ethan nods in agreement. “It’s better that way.”

With all these couples and kids around does it ever get overwhelming having so many people around ? Ethan shakes his head. “Nah. We’ve always had our group so adding some more is cool. I’m not a fan of silence.”

What’s your guys favorite movie? “Superhero movies. Iron Man. Superman.” Ethan looks at Cage who smirks. “Batman. Suicide Squad. Though I don’t like Spiderman. I’m looking forward to Justice League.”

“Action films,” Kennedy announces. “Die Hard. The Accountant. Déjà vu. Anything that has action and a bit of mystery to the plot. I love that shit.”

Ethan rolls his eyes. “He usually guesses who the bad guy is in the beginning of the movie and the fucker’s always right. Way to ruin a movie, man.”

Kennedy shrugs.

Before we finish off and let you guys go, just a couple of more questions open to anyone.

What are your favorite memories of the babies? “When Kierah threw a fist full of carrots at Xander,” Lucy says with a laugh. “Hilarious.”

Which couple would you say is the kinkiest? 😉 “Jesse and Lucy,” everyone says at the same time. Jesse and Lucy look at one another and grin.

For the girls, out of all the guys who do you think is the romantic? “Cage,” Meggie says. “He’s always doing something sweet and romantic for or with Sera. It’s so lovely.”

Guys with girls : what are 3 things you like about the other – physical and non physical
Lucy: “Jesse loves me completely. He is always there for me. He can sex me up like nobody’s business.”
Jesse: “Lucy makes me feel whole. She’s always got the answer when I’m not sure about something. She is as kinky as I am.”

Meggie: “Trace’s kind of alpha caveman. It’s hot. He gets up before me and brings me coffee in bed. He enjoys doing the same things I do.”
Trace: “Meggie’s beautiful and sexy. I can talk to her about anything without judgment. She loves music as much as I do.”

Jace: “Summer’s nurturing. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She loves every part of me.”
Summer: “Jace puts the toilet seat down after he pees. He knows how to cook. He knows how to love me without stifling me.”

Nicole: “Ben seems to know what I want before I even say it. He loved me at my weakest and at my strongest. He supports me in everything I do or want to do.”
Ben: “She never holds anything back from me. She loves me even when I’m a dumbass. She didn’t bang Lucien.”

Sera: “Cage loves and understands me like no one ever has. He loves me fiercely. He’s Batman.”
Cage: “Sera’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met. She trusts me with her heart. She thinks I’m a superhero.”

Tera: “Xander never gave up on me, even in the worst of times. He’s fun and goofy. He loves everything about me.”
Xander: “Tera waited for me. She’s not afraid to do what she needs to do for herself as well as for others. I admire that. She’s as fun and goofy as I am.”

Last one, will you guys sing an R&B song for me? “Hell yeah,” Xan announces. “We’ll come up with something sexy for you.” Xander wiggles his eyebrows.

Thank you guys so much for being here with me! I had so much fun interviewing you guys and getting to know you better. I hope you guys have a great rest of your day!

“Thank you so much for having us!” Lucy replies. “It was definitely our pleasure.”
Everyone murmurs their agreement and start filing out of the room.
“Yo, Cage dude,” Xan says.
Cage looks at him and lifts a brow.
“Can I borrow your cape sometime?”
Without hesitation, Cage answers, “No,” and keeps on walking while Xan tries to talk him into it.


Group question: You’re going to be trapped on a deserted island for a year and can only bring four things, what would they be?

Xander snickers. “That’s easy.” He ticks the items off his fingers. “One: Porn.” Lucy slaps him. “What? Am I supposed to lie?”
“Well, no…” Lucy replies.
“There you have it,” he says with an air of superiority and Lucy pinches his side. “Ow. Damn.” He rubs his side. “Now,” he says, straightening in his chair, “as I was saying. One: Porn.” He gives Lucy a quick look to make sure she’s not going to pinch him again. She just rolls her eyes.
“Two: A year supply of batteries.”
“Xander!” Lucy scolds.
“Sheesh. It’s not for what you think it’s for. God woman. Get your mind out of the gutter.”
“Whatever,” Lucy replies.
“Then what are they for?” Sera asks timidly, obviously afraid of the answer.
Xander shakes his head and grins. “Simple. Three: Battery operated device that plays music—filled with all my favorite tunes.”
“And four?” Ethan asks.
“Dude. Seriously? My drums and sticks. Can’t live without that, not even for a fucking day.”
Ethan fist bumps him.

“I’ll go next,” Ethan volunteers. “One: Toothpaste. Two: A guitar. Three: Generator with enough gas for a year.” Ethan smirks at Xander who just flips him off. “Four: iPad full of books and music.”

“Nice,” Lucy tells him. “I’ll go next. Since I don’t know for sure what will be supplied for us, I’ll have to say a year supply of feminine products because the alternative is just gross.”
“Jesus, Lucy,” Kennedy says.
“What? It’s a biological function for women. I’m stealing Ethan’s ideas. Two and three are generator with enough gas for a year and an iPad or Kindle full of books and music.”
Ethan fist bumps Lucy who preens.
“And four?” Meggie asks.
“Jesse,” she says like it shouldn’t even be a question.
“Babe,” he says pulling her close and giving her a soft kiss.

“Since they’ll be a while, I’ll go next,” Trace interrupts. I’m with Xander, drums and sticks a must-have. Two: Year supply of ice-cold soda, a variety. Three and four would be the same as Ethan and Lucy. Too bad we aren’t all on the island at the same time or we’d be able to share the generator and could make a group request.”
“True that,” Ethan tells him, giving him a fist bump.

“I’ll go,” Meggie chimes in, bouncing in her seat. “One and two are the same as Ethan and the rest. Three is a guitar. Four is bottled water and a variety of flavor packets—the sugar free kind of course.”
“Of course,” Trace mutters with a smirk.
Meggie just shoulder bumps him and Trace wraps an arm around her shoulders, then kisses the top of her head.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go,” Sera sits up straighter. “You all know answers one, two, and three.” Everyone nods. “Four would be gummy bears.”
“Oh hell. Don’t come between this woman and her gummy bears,” Jace holds up his hands.
“Damn straight,” Sera tells him, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Gummy bear fetish?” Ben asks.
“Addiction,” she corrects.
He nods. “My turn. “Generator, iPad, guitar, freshly-baked pastries air dropped weekly.”
“Dude!” Xander shouts then fist bumps Ben.

Jesse leans back in his chair. “Generator, iPad, guitar, and Lucy,” he tells everyone with a wink.
“No birth control?” Xander asks. “You won’t be needing those feminine products for long, Luce.”
“Truth,” Trace agrees.
“Your shot only lasts three months,” Sera reminds her.
Lucy bites her bottom lip, her eyes wide, breathing a bit rapid, and Sera gives her a look. Lucy gives her one back.
“Well that’ll be interesting,” Ben tells them both with a knowing nod.
“What will be?” Jesse asks.
“Nothing,” Sera tells him. “Kennedy?”

“Generator, iPad, guitar, and fresh vegetables delivered weekly,” Kennedy says simply.
“Boring dude,” Xander teases.
“Fuck off. Batteries for a year? Seriously dude. Generator equals power equals recharging devices equals music, movies, books, and whatever the fuck else fits on an iPad. Where you planning on writing songs? In the sand?” Kennedy scoffs.
“Kiss my ass,” Xander tells him, giving him the finger.

“Boys, boys,” Meggie placates. “No arguing. I’m sure right now Xander’s trading in his pathetic device and batteries for a generator and iPad.” At Xander’s nod she continues. “And I’m sure Lucy’s trading in those feminine products for her guitar?” Lucy nods and Meggie nods back. “Besides if we’re getting stuck on a deserted island with preparations ahead of time, they better provide for my sanitary needs. It’s the least they can do if I’m going to be roughing it on a deserted island. So, that means Ethan can give up the toothpaste and substitute…?”

Ethan pauses. “Caramels.”
“Oh man, I could go for caramel right now,” Lucy says.
“Me too,” Sera adds. Everyone murmurs their agreement.
“Caramel sundaes?” Jesse asks.
“Hell yeah,” Xander replies.
With that, they all walk out of the room, leaving ten empty chairs in their wake.

Reader Questions for the Rockstars

Ethan… how has watching your band mates fall in love affected you?
Uh, it hasn’t, really. I think it’s cool for them but I just don’t see it in my future. Let’s just say… it’s complicated.

Xander, where does your quirkiness come from?
My dad. “Color me skeptical. What color is that crayon.” He’s a funny guy and my idol. His humor is one of the many things I love about my old man.

Kennedy Will you marry me? And then we can live happily ever after.
Kayla, while I’m not the marrying type, I’d love to tell you ‘yes’ but I’ve recently figured out my destiny… including who my girl will end up being. And make no mistake, she will be mine… no matter how much she tries to fight it.

Xander – you love the Quads. Do you see yourself being a dad in the future. How many kids would you have?
Kids? Fuck yeah. I’d love ten or twelve, but Tera said she’d like to keep her vag from falling out. Can that really happen?

Damian – Why does wearing white make you so uncomfortable.
I’m too noticeable in white. In black, I blend into the background where I need to be.

Damian – How did you get into the Famiglia? And do you have a guilty secret pleasure?
My story is one similar to Cage’s. They just found me and I worked my way up, proving my loyalty and receiving rewards. They are my Famiglia, without a doubt.

A secret guilty pleasure. I have a couple. I am so going to get shit for this, but Butterfinger ice cream or Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I could live on that shit. Second, and I blame Lucy for this, the TV show Scandal. She makes us watch it every Thursday night. I used to try to get out of it, but now I’m too hooked. I make sure I’m there 15 minutes early to get a good seat–that pisses Jesse off and makes me laugh. He’s so easy.

Trace – How do you feel about your band mates mob connections? P.S. Where’s the strangest place you’ve signed your autograph?
Mob connections? Oh, you mean la Famiglia. Yeah, I don’t even care. I think it’s kinda nice, actually. We’ve got a fuck lot of protection and security.

You’d think it’d be boobs, right? *looks around for Meggie* This one chick, had me sign on one side of her pussy. She said she was getting it tattooed there. I don’t know if she ever did. Some fans are really strange.

After reading Kadence, My question would be, “Cage, how does it make you feel when Kadence calls you her Gentle Giant?”
Like a Gentle Giant. I’ve always felt so big and kind of clumsy with my big hands and feet, but Kadence seems to fit just fine.

Do you have a drawing/layout of CFD.
Not yet, but I’m working on it… It’s hard to find the time to get that done when there are stories due–deadlines. Soon, I’ll try to get one soon.

After reading Kadence… are Cage and Sera going to have any babies?
Sera told Cage in Duet she’s thinking about babies and she’s going to stop getting her shot… so we’ll see what happens. She’s worried since she’s only gone one ovary and tube left.

Kennedy – Have you always been the mysterious silent thinking man you are today?
Pretty much. I like being quiet, just watching what goes on around me. I talk when I need to. That’s enough.

Are we gonna get to see Cage and Sera in all their badassness any time soon..Cage is my Batman but..I have such a girl crush on Sera!!
I’m sure you will. You know how they are… and there are always threats around.