kiss duet💋 THE KISS DUET 💋
Kiss This (Book 1) & Kiss This Too (Book 2)

When I’m dragged to a party by my best friends, I don’t plan on having a good time—and I’m not, until “he” finds me alone on the beach. I expect him to be a jerk with looks like him—but he’s not. He’s funny and sweet and we spend hours talking about nothing and everything.

Then he kisses me.

And I give myself to him—a familiar stranger with a name as fake as mine—then we say goodbye.

I can’t hide my surprise when I see him again. He can’t hide his derision, accusing me of knowing who he was and using him to gain popularity.

But he won’t leave me alone.

He taunts me.

He’s an arrogant jock whose bed is never empty.

I loathe everything he represents and I want to punch him in his pretty face.

So why can’t I stop feeling his hands on my body or hear his sexy whispered words?

Why, oh why, did he have to kiss me?

Just when Leo and I finally find our rhythm, my life turns upside down and I need to go home.

Living halfway across the country from your new boyfriend is misery when you need him to be there with you, helping to ease the pain of your loss.

My best friends show up, insisting I come back to Shell Beach. I know I’ve wallowed long enough, but am I ready to face all the drama that awaits me there?