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You’ve all been so amazing and supportive of me… I’m gonna give you something in return.

XANDER: Book 2, The Present
(Rockstar Book 10)
©2017 Anne Mercier

“I just wanted to force her to talk to me. To look at me. To feel me. Me! Xan. Her husband. Not the drummer for Falling Down. Not the fucked up kid who pushed her away. I wanted her to see me, the man who loved her with every breath he took. She got so upset, I left. But I went back the next day. And the next. I brought her candy. Flowers. I wrote her poems. I wrote her love letters. Finally, I just went there… with just me. I’d knock on the door and she’d answer… I’d kiss her softly and whisper how much I loved her. Then I’d leave.”

“But you went back,” Nicole sighs wistfully.

“Every. Single. Day.”

“For how long?” Summer asks.

“As long as it took.”

Summer frowns. “For what?”

“For her to say it back. It was then she saw me. She felt me. We worked through all of our shit and I saw her as much as I could, we talked every day, but when Lucy married Jesse, I saw what I was missing with Tera. I wanted that. I wanted it every day. So I asked her to come to me on Christmas three years ago. She didn’t answer. I asked her again the year before this last one and she said yes. I’ve been waiting and she’s been working damn hard to overcome—everything. All of it. She’s almost there. We’ve still got some work to do, but I have no doubt in my mind she’ll be there soon,” I tell them, then sit back in the chair, finally seeing them. There are mixed expressions. Grief. Sadness. Wistfulness. Determination. Anger—Sera’s so angry. I know we’ll be having a talk later, likely with Batman as well.



13 responses to “EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT – XANDER: Book 2, The Present

  1. Nikki

    Amazon just cancelled my order. I am not sure if this is an Amazon mistake or if you are still feeling unwell. I wish you all the best

  2. Terry

    I hope my order getting doest mean that your health has gotten worse, sending prayers for a speedy recovery

  3. Corinna Reilly

    So looking forward to reading this, Xander 2 will be worth the wait for sure, hope you feel better soon x

  4. Evon

    This story just touches the heart so much. You laugh, cry and just want to cheer on Xander and Tera.

    Thank for the excerpt. This book will so be worth the wait.

    To a full recovery for you. Lots of cranberry juice & watermelon for those kidneys.

  5. Gail Warnock

    Hi Anne I hope you get well really fast I know how you are feeling been there myself and not fun at all . Also I have read all of your book and just love them all you make the reader feel like they are part of it all and I must say that Xander is my favourite he’s such a wonderful character and his and Tera,s story has put me through every emotion , I’ve laughed cried felt the fear an anguish and anger and now I’m waiting for the joy for them , can’t wait to read part 2 .
    Amazon cancelled my order too . Hope you feel better soon . X

  6. Crystal Ross

    The best books I have ever read and can’t wait for the next Xander book! Hope you are doing better

  7. Beth Dean

    Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear about your health, also have medical issues. Will wait as long as you need.

  8. Kellie

    I can’t find Xander book 2 on Amazon to order. I thought today 7/20/17 was the new release day ?? Has the release been pushed again?

      • The book has been delayed. I must have missed this post to remove the date. For that I’m sorry. I won’t set a date until it’s in the hands of my editor and then and only then will I post an announcement of the release date. Sorry for any confusion. <3

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