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  1. Beth Townsell

    Your writing sparkles. Not every romance writer can write with comedic humor; but you do.

    I don’t religiously follow blogs; I barely read emails but just now on your author’s page on amazon, I saw your postings of the holiday themed book and the posting of three weeks ago regarding the continuation of your health struggles. I am sorry to read of such. I wish and want that struggle to be easily overcome and hear of your glorious triumph but I get the feeling that struggle is currently arduous and your triumph might be farther then best wishes can be measured. I can’t take your burden, I can’t type your next chapter, all I can write is, “I like your writing, I appreciate you characters and storylines but; most importantly, for me, you make me laugh”. For you, I hope during this time, I hope there is someone whom makes you laugh; an author, a friend, a comedic actress or a sister; yes even a male friend, brother or comic.

    Respectfully written, a reader of yours, Elizabeth (Beth) Townsell
    ( I truly don’t need a reply email as I truly wanted this note to be about you but manners dictate that I should herein include my email address:

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