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    • That’s not rude at all. It’s not ME who determines how long it takes to publish, it’s the retailer. if it were me, I’d insta-publish but it doesn’t work that way. We are at the mercy of the retailers.

      • lisa

        Elle, I don’t know Anne personally, I’m just a reader like you. She’s telling the truth she has absolutely no control over it. I’m first going through the process myself. It’s frustrating but will be listed as a download today sometime. I’m not trying to defend Anne and attack you, I apologize if I’ve offended you. It’s not my intent, but she really is being honest she did her part now it’s up to the retailer and it will come. Just be patient.

  1. Donna

    I can’t wait for the book what’s a few hours or and extra day you know it’s gunna be a great read! I know at least my housework wil get done while waiting for the publishers to pull there fingers out 🙂

  2. karishma edwards

    Excited and patiently/impatiently waiting. I’ve been checking in with amazon every hour. Crossing my fingers to be able to purchase and read it.

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