Rockstar Series Chart

8 responses to “Rockstar Series Chart

  1. Maureen Wilson

    What ever happened to Jana’s baby? I remember reading she was pregnant in Blush but I never read anything else about her baby

    • natasha

      I wondered about that myself,there was no mention after that. Then spoiler alert,she was kidnapped and tortured and she killed herself in one of the other books,yet like you said there was no mention of the baby

  2. angela marie boyer

    I am only able to find 3 on audio book, when will you be doing more? I am unable to read any longer because of my eyes and I just love reading so the audio books have to do for me.

  3. Sasha

    Just curious. Will Kennedy and Ethan have thier books? I know you said Megs will be so the hopefully (obviously) will have Trace. When will these be coming out?