Jesse & Lucy’s story continued…

You know how people say they woke up in Vegas married and you’re like, how the hell could that possibly happen? Who does  that? Well, us apparently… and the press is going to have a field day.

Let’s not even get started on the topic of my mother. Then there’s my grandpa wanting to meet my new husband–that’s not scary at all. On top of that, we’re heading out on tour and I’m a nervous wreck–factor in the fact that Jesse’s newly changed marital status doesn’t seem to be an issue for the groupies. Nothing deters them. Not even the fact that I’m standing right there when they proposition him.

I can handle the press, my mom, and even my grandpa. But the women who are ruining my current mood of “happy”, well, they’ve got another thing coming. It’s time to put these women in their place because nobody messes with my happily ever after.


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2 responses to “BLUSH (ROCKSTAR 2)

  1. Christa Mazzeo

    I just finished Falling Down. I love the fact that it was not filled with drama between Lucy and Jesse. A few ups and downs but not to the point where I was yelling, “give it up!”. I also love the fact that Lucy is not a whiny (is that a word?) brat who makes Jesse feel bad about himself. I can not wait until Blush. I hope the author does not put too much drama and unnecessary “roadblocks” in this relationship. I can’t wait to see the fallout from getting married in Vegas. Maybe they will sing “Waking up in Vegas” by Katy Perry on stage together.