It’s time for the Kingston triplets to be born.

I’ve heard stories of how women have their water break or go into labor in their home. That’s not how it happened with Lucy and our babies. As long as Lucy and the babies are okay, I’ll be okay–even if we are surrounded by the Russo Famiglia.

But nothing has been normal for us from the day we met. So why would it start now?
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6 responses to “LULLABYE (ROCKSTAR #7)

  1. Tanya

    Just finished Ballad – loved it as usual! Is it really Dec 2016 before Lullabye comes out? That is what it says at the end of the epilogue – please say it isn’t so and that is just a misprint 🙂

  2. Julia

    I love all the books but why so short for ballad and lullaby?! Your an amazing writer I just want more all the time ! The first ones were 300 pages these are barely over 100 not complain I love the stories, I just want more! Please keep writing !

    • Lullabye was always set to be a novella and that’s how long the story ran for Ballad. I don’t plan them out other than key points that must be part of the story… other than that, I just sit down and write. Sometimes the stories are longer, sometimes they’re shorter. I’m not sure what’s going to happen at any given time.