Melody (Rockstar #18)


There’s more to Trace Styx than meets the eye.

When his father steps back into his life, it threatens everything he and Meggie have made together. It threatens his life, his career, his friends, everything he’s come to hold dear.

Trace hasn’t seen his father since he was kicked out at the age of sixteen, and he’s not going to let this man back into his life. Not now. Not ever.

His father insists, steps over the line in more ways than one, and leaves Trace no choice but to use past secrets to protect himself and everyone he loves.

There’s just one catch – the consequences of what he’s about to reveal are going to change everything for him, for Meggie, and for the group of Rockstars that have become his family.

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5 responses to “MELODY (ROCKSTAR #18)

  1. Lisa

    When is Melody coming out! I thought it was September. I am bedridden and I all want to do is read your next book! Pleeeeeeeese

    • I wish you were a subscriber to my newsletter. If you were, you’d have known that I flipped Melody and Strings so Strings will be coming out next month and Melody won’t be out until late Nov/Early December. It made sense with the storyline to change which would be the final book. (NEWSLETTER LINK:

      I don’t know if you read any of the other books, but I am releasing The Way With You (SECOND VERSION) on Sunday (maybe earlier if they publish it fast enough). It will be Amazon exclusive. I released The Way Back To Me (SECOND VERSION) not too long ago (

      I hope this helps answer any questions. Please consider subscribing to the newsletter. Most of the information I put out goes right into there. I don’t put them out too often either… only enough to keep you up to date.

      Thank you, Lisa…I hope you get better soon!

      • Lori Jo Levy

        I was wondering the same but thanks for clearing up the change. For some reason did not get the last newsletter.

        • I’m sorry it didn’t get to you. I’ve switched newsletter companies but I did move all addresses over. I’ll take a look and make sure you’re there. 🙂

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