We met at the age of eight. That day on the playground was a turning point in my life. She stole my heart with just a glance as she sang off key.

But nothing’s perfect.

I figured out pretty quickly she was too good for me, so I let her go.

I thought I was doing the right thing–until I realized I wasn’t. 
She was my everything and without her I was nothing.

When we reunited, my heart became whole. My life had meaning. We loved fiercely and completely. Life was perfect.

The more success I gain with Falling Down, the further away I’m pulled from Tera. But she gains success of her own, and the distance grows immeasurably.

She wants me to live my dreams and I want the same for her. We both know our love is strong enough to survive time and distance.

Then the unthinkable happens and nothing will ever be the same again.



14 responses to “XANDER: PART 1, THE BEGINNING (ROCKSTAR #12)

  1. Kellie lowrey

    I have been unable to order Xander part one and two and I thought the were to be released February 26 and April 2 respectively. Can you tell me when they will be available on Amazon?

  2. Gemma Pritchard

    Hi anne just had xander come through my Kindle through a blog I’m associated with just need to ask do I need to read the whole series or are they standalones?

    • The book has been delayed. I must have missed this post to remove the date. For that I’m sorry. I won’t set a date until it’s in the hands of my editor and then and only then will I post an announcement of the release date. Sorry for any confusion. <3