The Way With You (The Way Book 2)

Finding a “happily ever after” was hard—keeping it even harder.

How did Cam disappear from my life? Slowly but steadily. The grueling demands of football, keeping his grades up, and his fraternity don’t allow much time for a girlfriend. I didn’t mind it so much when we were “undefined”, but when we categorized ourselves as boyfriend/girlfriend I expected that to change. I should have known better.

Instead, I find myself spending more time with Sebastian. He’s been here for me when I need him most. There’s always been that “something” between us, but with his string of girls and Cameron in the way, I never really entertained the idea.

One betrayal changes everything. I’m not settling anymore. I’m not doing what’s best for everyone else this time. No, this time I’m doing what’s best for me.

I’m tired of standing under this umbrella alone.