UPDATE – Xander Book 2!

Posted May 27, 2018 by Anne Mercier in 2018, Anne Mercier, Xander2 / 1 Comment

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning for me (Central time–probably like 2 or 3 am I’m gonna guess) I’m gonna hit publish… maybe a little later if, as I’m reviewing, more words come to me. You know how I am. But… sometime tomorrow Xander 2 shall be yours–if they publish it, that is. You know, with the holiday and all. Sigh.

It will be initially published on all retailers – Amazon, iBooks, BN, Kobo–for THREE days only. Then, after it’s been on those sites for 3 days, it will be moved solely to Amazon and into KU. — so probably Thursday-ish it’ll be in KU.

(PS I hate that I depend on Amazon so much. Bastards. )



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  1. Gina Finnick

    Im so very excited. Your books have made many days so fun. There have been nights that i have to fight myself to fall asleep because i could just stay awake reading your beautiful words. You are by far my absolute favorite author!

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