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*waves* If you’ve messaged me and I haven’t gotten back to you, it’s because I’m on a tight deadline. I don’t see myself coming up for air until I hit the publish button sometime on Sunday so you all get The Way With You(The Way #2) on Monday. I can’t promise when it’ll come out on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, or any of the other retailers… it’s whenever they accept it. Hopefully Monday–I’d say the latest would be Tuesday.
There’s no preorder–sorry. Maybe for the next one, but not this one.
Next book up is Kadence(Rockstar #7) – Jace’s book. You can find all the info here and you if you want to give it a “Want To Read” on Goodreads, here’s the link
Have you signed up for my newsletter? I don’t put them out often, but when I do, they’re packed full of information–usually the answers to all the questions you’ve all be asking, any upcoming books or events, etc. NEWSLETTER
Also, if you haven’t heard of or checked out BookBub, you should. They feature amazing deals every day and send you announcements of new releases by the authors you choose to follow. You can find me here
heart-hiI hope you have an amazing week!heart-hi



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