Xander, Book 2

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Hi all.

Let me answer your questions. I keep getting a lot of them.

      1. Is it out?  No, I’m afraid not.
      2. When will it be coming out?  I’m not sure right now.
      3. You said it was coming out in July. Where is it?  
        I sent a message out in my newsletter on June 12th explaining what’s going on. I’d like to ask you to subscribe so you can be up to date on releases, etc., and to find out important information like this.  SUBSCRIBE HERE

        Hi Everyone,

        I’ve been diagnosed with stage 3A kidney disease and I also had a kidney infection as well. My infection cleared up but I’m learning to manage my disease with diet and supplements so it’s taking a great deal time. Just when I think I have the hang of it, something new pops up and messes up my lab numbers. There is no quick cure for kidney disease, unfortunately.

        I won’t lie. I’m exhausted. Like, all the time. I could sleep 24/7 if allowed.

        I’m not looking for pity or sympathy. I’m just filling you in on why the books are delayed. If I’m not healthy, I can’t write…and right now, I’m not healthy.

        Thanks for understanding ♥
        Anne xoxo



8 responses to “Xander, Book 2

  1. Denise Reyes

    Hope for a speedy recovery. I will be here. I LOVE your books. It will be worth the wait. The important thing is for you to get better.

  2. Karen

    I hope all is well and good at this time for you health wise. I am a avid reader, I read at least ten books every few days. I have over fourteen hundred books on my reading devices. I am currently rereading the Rock star series for the third time actually, so that it can be fresh in my head. Once a loyal fan, always one. Stay healthy.

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