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I am still being asked: When is Xan Book 2 coming out?

Well, folks… it’s like this: This isn’t just any book I’m working on. You all know this. This is Xander and Tera that I’m working on now. Remember: I have to make sure to tie up all the loose ends because, honestly, I want their happily ever after to be complete with this book which means no novellas for them as I’m reaching the end of the series. And think of all the details I have to make sure are correct from all the novels(7), novellas(1), and short stories(5) written– this takes time.

I’m not making excuses, merely letting you know I’m working on it at a pace that feels right for me and the story.

I will not rush to finish this book.

If I did that, it wouldn’t have all the “feels” in it because I would be writing it just to finish it and not putting my soul into it. That’s not fair to the characters and, honestly, it’s not fair to me because I try very hard to put out the best book I can.

I don’t have a date and won’t announce one until the first draft is complete. 

As I can only write so fast, I’d like to–once again–ask for your patience.

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Xander and Tera are coming…


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5 responses to “Xander Book 2

  1. Beth Townsell

    Ms. Mercier,

    Today; after reading your update regarding the second part of Xander’s story; I was struck by the symmetry of coincidence between your current struggles: health wise and professionally as an author; and Xander’s struggle to be patient with the love of his life so that he can get his HEA. If I can offer you any solace from your stresses, might I share a quote from the great philosopher, John Lennon, “Life is what happens, while you’re making other plans.”

    Additionally, know that a real fan WILL wait (patiently or not).

    In the following I cite my most recent endurance of patience: only in this past month was my metaphorical thirst quenched by the publishing of Deborah Smith’s “The Kitchen Charmer”, for which I’ve awaited said for over two years AND she has us on her hook as the story didn’t resolve therein and now I’m on tender hooks for her next book,”The Moonshine King”. So you and Xander aren’t the only ones in the literary world for which we fans are obsessing upon; so don’t let our lust and greed suck too much from the well of your emotions as you need to conserve some for your health.

    I don’t know if my comparison above makes you feel better….what should make you feel GREAT is that we like your writing! This is your ” Sally Field ‘Oscar’ moment”, can you feel it? You should! We like your writing, your characters and the world into which you transport us. Take a moment to breathe and bask in the belief that we like you, we really do! Isn’t that exactly what Xander might advise a friend? Breathe, bask, believe; and then get back to work-’cause some of your fans aren’t as patient as I and don’t understand the savoring of the sweetness of deferred gratification.

    With gratitude for the writing which you have shared, may you know peace and persevere with less struggle.



  2. Tammy

    Amen! What Beth said. I have been waiting patiently- and praying for your recovery. In that time I have been occupied with re-reading other favorites (J.R. Ward – love them vampires). Please take all the time necessary to finish Xander. Then we will be patiently waiting for the rest of the band.
    Prayers your way!

  3. Louise

    For so many of us life is not something we can neatly fit into boxes or on shelves. It’s messy and complicated and sometimes we just want to escape into the fictional worlds you and other authors so graciously invite us into. For a few hours we can forget the drama and stress and just be.
    I imagine that writing the stories provides the same escape as reading them, but just like we get interrupted reading, you get interrupted writing. The things in life we had up on that shelf come tumbling down on our heads and everything stops. True fans, as has already been pointed out, will wait. Those who are pushing for the book and complaining that it isn’t out yet, would be the first ones to criticise if it was rushed and not up to your standards.
    You don’t need permission or forgiveness, but you do have gratitude. Gratitude for sharing your imagination, heart and soul as they are translated into sweet, funny, intense and incredibly romantic stories. Thank you.

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